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Visual on scientific research with OMNI hypnosisIn both the international and Dutch landscape of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, OMNI’s courses are highly regarded. With its robust methods and results-oriented approach, OMNI is internationally recognized as a leader in the field. OMNI contributes to scientific research and is distinguished by its deep understanding of the human mind, and the effective techniques it employs to achieve lasting change.

In the fascinating world of the human brain and the unprecedented possibilities it offers, the role of hypnosis as an intervention is gaining prominence. Hypnosis can be used in virtually all walks of life when it comes to stress or anxiety reduction. In the medical setting, it can also be used for pain reduction to even -elimination. When applied in hypnotherapy, numerous physical and mental complaints can be improved or eliminated.

What course do I start with?

If you are interested in working with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, there are two different training paths you can take with us, depending on your specific interests and professional goals. One of the popular training programs is the OMNI Hypnosis Training Program, which offers basic training for anyone who wants to learn about hypnosis and its application. You will learn the powerful fundamentals of hypnosis, getting into hypnosis, deepening it, recognizing hypnosis, working with behavioral problems, stress and pain management techniques.

For those who want to go a step further and specialize in the therapeutic aspect of hypnosis, there is the OMNI Hypnotherapy training. This advanced course focuses specifically on developing skills and knowledge to practice hypnotherapy. It includes techniques and strategies that can be applied in treating various conditions, working with clients on a therapeutic level and providing coaching and counseling.

For those who want to focus on anxiety and pain management in a medical setting, there is the OMNI HypnoMed training. This specialized course is designed to train professionals who wish to use hypnosis as a complementary technique in medical procedures. It focuses on reducing anxiety and managing pain in patients, and offers specific techniques relevant to working within a medical setting. After this course you will be sufficiently trained in the basic techniques to also take the OMNI hypnotherapy course without additional study if desired.

Regardless of which course you choose, OMNI programs offer a solid foundation and advanced training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. They are recognized as high-quality courses within the field and can help you develop the skills needed to work effectively with hypnosis in a variety of areas, including therapy, coaching and medical support. Below is our full range of offerings. If you would like to take an introduction first, check out our introduction page.

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