Hypnosis training

Hypnosis training: looking for a new field?

Are you looking for a new field where you can really mean something to others? A field in which you can go right to work after a short training and help people meaningfully, quickly and effectively?
We offer hypnosis training, a field that is booming and still has many opportunities for specialization. You will learn easy-to-apply methods and techniques that can be quickly put into practice. Precisely because of its simplicity and repeatability in practice, it does not require lengthy training.

Certified training

Our hypnosis training courses have been approved by various professional associations and agencies certified.

More than 40 years experience

OMNI Hypnosis Training Center has over 40 years of experience in hypnosis and hypnosis training and brings special powerful techniques for a multitude of problems. You will learn how to get in touch with the subconscious mind and thereby find and solve the cause of a problem. OMNI’s techniques, because of its process-oriented approach and the fact that the OMNI hypnotherapy process is ISO 9001 certified, are scientifically tested by the University of Zurich.

Hypnosis is new to you?

If you are still completely unfamiliar with hypnosis then one of the possibilities of information days might be interesting to you.

Choose a hypnosis training

If you have decided to take a hypnosis course, but are looking for a little more depth to help you make your decision, you can find more information through these pages.

Continuing eduction via specialty trainings

If you are looking for continuing education in the field of hypnosis and hypnotherapy or would like to specialize further, please look further at our speciality trainings.