Training as a hypnotherapist

HypnoseMentor’s core business is hypnotherapy training. The OMNI hypnotherapist certification allows you to work with a wide spectrum of problems and complaints. In doing so, we learn how to look for the cause of a problem and to address and resolve the cause directly. Our techniques are client-oriented, results-oriented.

We are not the cheapest education, but among the best

Practicing HypnosisOMNI hypnotherapy training has been developed over more than 40 years and is known as one of the best training programs worldwide. We therefore have much to offer internationally such as scientific research by the Zurich Universeit, an education platform for continuing education, an OMNI finder so that you can be found locally immediately after training as a hypnotherapist, a worldwide network.

The OMNI hypnotherapy training is recognized at the higher educational level, which means that you get European Study Points for the training which are valid at various professional associations module.

You can start working as a hypnotherapist immediately after the training. Indeed, we recommend starting as soon as possible. You will learn all the skills necessary to work as a hypnotherapist during the course.

Training to become a full-fledged hypnotherapist

The course covers all major facets of the field. Not only will you learn all the facets of putting someone into hypnosis, how to deepen and how to tell if someone is in hypnosis and how deep. We link to recent scientific research on as many facets as possible.

  • After training, you can immediately become a member of a number of professional associations.
  • You can join the OMNI finder for free and request access to the OMNI Education Platform.
  • You can learn more and sign up through this page.

Make an informed choice

We realize that making a good choice of hypnosis training is not so easy. In our program, we frequently see students who have done their training elsewhere, encountering a lack of in-depth knowledge regarding the field. In doing so, they are effectively incurring double costs to fill this gap. We therefore recommend making a good comparison of course content. For example, by asking whether a topic is covered in depth or a few are named in the training. Make contact with graduate hypnotherapists to inquire how they experienced the training and whether they recommend it. We use verified reviews, meaning the reviews come in through an independent party. In these reviews you will read about students’ experiences with our program.

Information morning hypnosis training courses

Throughout the year you are welcome to attend one of our information mornings. You will get answers to many questions surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy here. Here we can explain the possibilities of being a hypnotherapist. We can give demonstrations and further you will receive information about the various hypnosis courses and what you can do with the diplomas.

Sign up for the hypnosis information morning here