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OMNI is the world leader in hypnosis and hypnotherapy. OMNI currently has more than 40 training centers in four continents. Not only are the OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses ISO 9001 certified, the hypnosis and hypnotherapy process is also ISO 9001 certified and selected for scientific research at the University of Zurich partly for this reason.

We recommend downloading the study guides of the respective institutes and making a comparison based on the content on offer, as well as a comparison with respect to reputation, quality, deepening opportunities and support after the program.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many students successfully apply what they have learned?
  • How effective are they in their work?
  • Have they been able to apply what they have learned to their practice and are they also financially successful?
  • How well trained are the teachers/instructors and how much experience do they have? What is their educational background and certificate?
  • Can I get in touch with students who have taken the course.
  • Is there quality control regarding teachers?
  • What feedback do students provide? Is it published and are the reviews verified, i.e. independently registered?
  • Do medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, psychologists and psychiatrists also attend and recommend the training?
  • Is the training recognized and can you join professional associations afterwards?
  • OMNI can answer all questions positively. You can contact one of our former students through the OMNI finder.

OMNI’s hypnosis and hypnotherapy training as well as the training for Clinical Hypnotherapist are recognized at the HBO level and ECs are awarded for them, thus providing connection to various professional associations which, with the right study load, make reimbursement by insurance possible.

OMNI training programs are ISO 9001 certified.

OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training are recognized at the HBO level and ECs are given for them.

By hypnotherapy we mean the total process of putting someone into hypnosis and thereby through therapy such as, for example, part therapy, universal therapy, regression therapy to look for the cause of a problem in order to then be able to solve it easily.

There is some question that OMNI training is more expensive compared to others. Taking hypnosis training is not about whether you can get people into hypnosis, but whether you can get virtually everyone who comes to your practice into hypnosis. Are you able to help them solve their problems or do they later tell you, “I tried hypnosis but it doesn’t work.” We frequently encounter people who have received training elsewhere and are not satisfied with the results in their work. They then take additional master classes at OMNI or complete hypnotherapy training. Much of the offerings elsewhere focus on direct hypnosis suggestion therapy. OMNI offers training that fully addresses hypnoanalysis, that is, looking for the cause. This involves learning a variety of techniques to solve the problem rather than working with symptom relief.

OMNI offers a particularly complete, comprehensive hypnosis and hypnotherapy course at the HBO level, covering all aspects of the hypnosis profession as shown in the study guide. In addition, attention is paid to the intake interview, proper posture and intonation, all the refined techniques needed to practice the profession with confidence, and after the training you will be able to work confidently to bring even the most difficult clients into hypnosis and help them with a physical or mental change, including applying the patented Ultra Height® method.

OMNI is the “Mercedes-Benz” among hypnosis training programs. We want to give our students as much real value as possible. Valuable, useful and proven content that really works for clients. Therefore, we do not want to be the “cheapest. Nonetheless, we do think we ultimately have the best product-to-price ratio of any training/training program because after the OMNI training, you don’t need to take any other training to feel comfortable in the job. Our training will give you all the knowledge and practice you need. OMNI is constantly working on product improvement, expansion and development, in addition to closely following all scientific developments. OMNI offers unique follow-up in the form of master classes such as Hypnosis with Children, Medical Hypnosis, Hypnosis for the Dentist, Stress Management & Burnout Prevention seminars, Self-Hypnosis for Groups and much more.

OMNI teachers/instructors are sought-after speakers and presenters at international seminars and conventions because they convince through competence and professionalism. OMNI stands for quality in its courses and training materials, is client-centered and results-oriented. Special materials that are not available to any other training will be shown during the course.
Upon completion of the OMNI training, you may participate in the worldwide OMNI community containing a wealth of information on all manner of hypnosis topics.

Displaying the OMNI logo is possible after attending OMNI hypnotherapy training. Even though you can sometimes find OMNI logo on the web pages of other hypnosis training providers, after all, OMNI is known as one of the best hypnosis and hypnotherapy training programs worldwide – you can take the real OMNI training courses only at OMNI accredited training centers.

There are two well-known modern founders of hypnosis, Milton Erickson and Dave Elman. Milton Erickson is known for techniques that rely primarily on indirect hypnosis and speech therapy. Milton Erickson’s work has been the inspiration for NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). Dave Elman is known for his direct no-nonsense hypnosis techniques and working with deep trance states. He is world famous for his induction technique (the Dave Elman induction). OMNI students learn how to hypnotize with confidence from day one of their training. Dave Elman’s thinking has been gaining ground in recent years because of his powerful methods for making physical and mental changes in a short period of time.

OMNI bases its methods in part on the work of Dave Elman. The founder of OMNI, Gerald Kein, is a direct disciple of Dave Elman and is responsible for the development of these methods.

This OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training as well as the Clinical Hypnotherapist training is suitable for both the beginner and advanced hypnotherapist. For experts such as doctors, dentists, psychologists and nurses, this training can provide valuable techniques that can be directly applied in practice. There are OMNI graduates in these professions worldwide. Other professions can learn techniques that complement their work such as coaches, HRM manager, firefighters, nurses, ambulance workers and first aiders. This course is also suitable for those seeking additional, enriching knowledge. These courses are taught at the college level.

The applications are extremely versatile. Helping clients get rid of fears and phobias, asthma, weight problems, anorexia and bulimia, mood swings, bedwetting, stuttering, compulsive behavior, concentration problems, impotence and sexuality, fertility problems, painless childbirth, improving athletic performance, study problems, stress management, burnout, smoking cessation, improving self-confidence, trauma management, irritable bowel syndrome, ADHD, pain management, migraines, anesthesia, nail biting, teeth grinding and much more.

Many people are not aware that hypnosis is used in medicine. Currently, smaller and larger surgeries are being performed with hypnosis in England, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy, among others. In relation to this, hypnosis can be used to influence a number of body processes such as lowering blood pressure, stopping bleeding, stopping the gag reflex and promoting the healing of wounds, reprogramming cells down to DNA).

OMNI Hypnotherapists are at the forefront of cutting edge hypnosis – many OMNIs are forerunners in a their respective specialty and successful in their work.

OMNI Hypnosis Training Center® Netherlands is VAT-exempt for professional training since March 4, 2013 on the basis of a positive accreditation by CPION and included in the CRKBO register.

Whether reimbursement through insurance is possible depends in part on the professional association and the prior education you have had.

Insurance now requires a three-year education including basic psychological knowledge training according to PLATO model.

The professional association Catcollectief includes other HBO-level courses in its decision. We recommend contacting them via their chat function about options.