Recognized trainings

OMNI hypnosis training courses lead to a recognised diploma. Below is an overview of the various accreditations.

College deal CatcollectiveCAT logo

With the combination OMNI hypnosis (basic) and OMNI hypnotherapy (advanced), you can start working directly as a hypnotherapist through the Catcollective. The Catcollective is an innovative professional organisation which admits low-threshold healthcare providers. Our courses are accredited to the Catcollective through Hole Register Courses.
Grading with the Catcollective partly depends on your prior education at HBO level. You can check your level of enrolment via the Chat function on the homepage of the Catcollective. Through the Catcollective, professional and corporate liability insurance and affiliation to a complaint and disciplinary body (required by the WKKGZ legislation) are arranged collectively through the GAT Dispute Resolution Body and the BAT Insurance.

College deal

There is a special deal with HypnosisMentor as a training institute for its students. You can register as a student with the Cat Collective. You pay, as long as you are not yet a therapist, only the costs for the GAT (Complaint and Disciplinary Law) and BAT (Professional and Liability Insurance) and you are a free member of the Catcollective for one year. The following year as long as you are a student, you can renew that membership for free. Email us for moreinformation.

NRTO accreditation

NRTO logoHypnosisMentor is accredited by the NRTO. In addition to being a seal of quality as a training institute, we can offer training courses that are eligible for grants of up to €1,000 through the STAP budget.

Accreditation by KTNO

KTNO logoOur courses are accredited, among others, by the KTNO. The KTNO is an accreditation institute that provides accreditation for various professional associations. Among others, through the KTNO is recognised by VBAG, VVET, NVST.

ISO 9001 seal of approval

OMNI hypnosis training courses worldwide have had the ISO-9001 seal of approval since March 2015. In addition, the hISO 9001 hallmarkypnotherapy process also has the ISO 9001 hallmark. The ISO-9001 quality mark is an important hallmark with regard to the quality of the organisation.

CRKBO registered

HypnoseMentor is a professional training course recognised by CRKBO. This means that the training courses are exemptCRKBO logofrom VAT if they are followed in the context of learning a new profession or if the training is otherwise followed professionally.

UWV training company

Within the framework of UWV reintegration, we are contracted as a training company and training can be followed to get started with a new profession.


The various hypnosis training courses are recognised as continuing education by the BATC.

The benefits of an OMNI accredited hypnosis and hypnotherapy training course

  • OMNI Hypnosis Training Centre is not a one-day event and is embedded in a bigger picture. This means that you can always fall back on the head office in Switzerland, from where the quality of the training courses and teachers is monitored.
  • Our professional training courses focus on professionals, either as independent therapists or as added knowledge to the existing profession.
  • We see in our courses many hypnotherapists who come back to do the training because they are looking to deepen the material and have a good understanding of how hypnosis works. The knowledge and information you get in our training courses has been accumulated over more than 40 years in practice. In addition, all OMNI teachers receive training before they are allowed to teach OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses.

Free introductions to hypnosis and hypnotherapy training courses

Through our hypnosis community, you can access free introductory materials. You will get answers to many questions around hypnosis here. Find out more via this page.