Why choose the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center

OMNI Hypnosis Training Center is a worldwide brand

OMNI hypnosis techniques are easy to learn and apply. That’s our recipe for success.

Training worldwide

OMNI has been developing hypnosis training courses since 1979. Our training courses are popular internationally.

OMNI Hypnosis International is the world’s largest hypnosis training program, with more than 50 locations in over 20 different countries. More than 1,500 participants complete the OMNI hypnosis training.

Groundbreaking research

In collaboration with the University of Zurich, OMNI Hypnosis International is leading a multidisciplinary project to establish and promote the acceptance of hypnosis/hypnotherapy based on a comprehensive characterization of its neurophysiological mechanisms of action.

ISO 9001 certification

OMNI Hypnosis International is one of the few ISO-9001 certified hypnosis training programs.