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We bring the renown training of Gerald Kein from OMNI Hypnosis Training Center in The Netherlands in the English language.

The OMNI Hypnotherapy training is known as one of the most complete hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses worldwide and leads you to become an OMNI hypnotherapist. ISO 9001 Certified This training is highly regarded and is followed by more than 1000 students a year worldwide. The teaching material (curriculum) is the same throughout the world. The training and the taught hypnotherapy process are both ISO 9001 certified. Evidence-based The techniques to bring in hypnosis are evidence-based. Because of the simplicity and repeatability of the hypnotherapy process, the OMNI methods and techniques are used for extensive scientific research into the state hypnosis by the University of Zurich, one of the most prominent universities in the world.


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You have the following options to follow the OMNI hypnosis training in Amsterdam:

  • 1 – 7 April 2023
  • 09 – 15 September 2023

From 9 a.m. – 5/6 p.m.


For whom

  • This training is suitable for both the beginning and the advanced hypnotherapist.
  • This course is also followed by professionals who want to complement their knowledge and skills such as coaches, doctors, therapists.
  • This hypnosis training is given at the HBO level.
  • No prior knowledge of hypnosis is required.


Portret Ayla OostromLocation
Creative Point
Kanaalstraat 132H
1054 XN Amsterdam Netherlands

Travel and accommodation
You find all relevant information here.

Ayla Oostrom

The training is in English. You can receive a manual in the English or Dutch language.

What you get

  • The total training comprises of 7 days live training and 2 days (optional without extra costs) participation in online exchange and extra training)
  • An additional online day for learning parts therapy and exchange
  • Training manual in either the Dutch or English language
  • Diploma OMNI-hypnotherapist
  • Free inclusion in the OMNI Finder, the worldwide database of Omni hypnotherapists.
  • Possibility of affiliation with the National Guild of Hypnotists USA (NGH)
  • Ability to join the SBVH – Swiss Professional Association for Hypnotherapy
  • The right to use the OMNI logo

Time commitment

  • This study comprises of 65 teaching hours  and 40 hours of self study
  • Total study 105 uur/4 EC.


  • After the OMNI hypnosis training you will be able to bring people into hypnosis, you will know how to deepen the state of hypnosis, you will know how to test the state of hypnosis and you will be able to work with powerful direct hypnosis techniques for smoking cessation, the behavioral issues surrounding weight loss, stress management, sports enhancement, insomnia, anxiety, focus and concentration, creativity, working with stress complaints and much more.
  • In addition, you will know how to start your own practice, be given methods to streamline your practice organizationally.
  • After the training you can immediately start working with various mental and physical complaints.
  • You learn to work on solving complaints from the cause, not the symptoms


  • What is hypnosis
  • How hypnosis works
  • History of hypnosis
  • How to bring someone into hypnosis (methods of induction)
  • States of hypnosis (with scientific rationale)
  • Misconceptions surrounding hypnosis and how to deal with them
  • The seven rules for a successful transformation
  • Intensive techniques of hypnosis
  • Live demonstrations and self-practice
  • Learning self-hypnosis for yourself and how to teach it to clients
  • How to work with clients who come for smoking cessation or weight loss, stress and more
  • How to start your own practice
  • Contra-inductions of hypnosis and safety precautions
  • And more (for the full overview, see the training brochure)
  • Introduction to pain management (acute and chronic)
  • Esdaile state of pain management
  • Regression Therapy
  • Gerald Keins “Universal Therapy
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Working with Fears and Phobias
  • The importance of therapeutic forgiveness
  • Technique for calling upon deep-seated emotions
  • The gray room technique for eliminating problems
  • Ultra Height hypnosis, advanced metaphysical hypnosis
  • Parts therapy – (additional morning after training)


      • The total costs are € 2690,-. After registration you will receive an invoice for the total costs with a payment term of 14 days.
      • This training is exempt from VAT.
      • You can sign-up for the training via the STAP-budget subsidy for € 1000 if you are a Dutch citizen or a EU citizen paying taxes in the Netherlands or partner.



      • HypnoseMentor can decide to cancel in case of less than four participants. HypnoseMentor cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the participant themselves in the context of the training such as travel and accommodation costs.
      • The enrolment and training information will be shared with the instructor and OMNI Hypnosis Training Center®.
      • You will be asked to sign a copyright statement regarding the intellectual property of the training materials when you receive the training materials.
      • Our training courses are subject to the General Terms and Conditions NRTO.

More information

Hypnosis has a particularly broad field of work and is applicable to virtually all areas of society such as health care, education, sports and much more.  Hypnosis can be learned as an independent profession, other professions can learn techniques that complement their work such as coaches, HRM manager, teachers, managers. For experts such as doctors, dentists, psychologists and nurses, please refer to the medical hypnosis training.

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