Aromablend HypnoDream


HypnoDream aroma blend is specially designed for the hypnotherapy practice. This is a blend from pure essential oils where possible certified organic. 3 ml. in a bottle, packaged in a cardboard box.

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HypnoDream is an aroma blend which has been specially developed for therapists working in combination with essential oils.

The HypnoDream aroma blend takes you on your healing and development path. You may rest completely for a while. You don’t have to do anything more. She lets you relax deeply in your favorite spot. The place where you feel safe, secure, loved and valued. She refreshes and cleanses you of all ballast. She helps you root deeply with mother earth, she warms your heart, connects you with your inner strength. Everything is good as it is. You May Be………

This blend consists of lemongrass, elemi, rose, neroli, myrrh and blue chamomile. This blend contains the same essential oils as HypnoTrance. The ratio of oils is different, which also gives a different effect.

Note: Using this blend during hypnosis can amplify emotions very powerfully. This oil can be used to evoke emotions and anchor positive emotions after a session. Only use an essential oil in hypnosis if you have been trained to work with regression therapy and abreactions. How to apply essential oils in hypnosis practice can be learned during the three-day Aromatherapy Hypnosis course.

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Generally, we ship this product within a few days. Stock is limited. Should the stock run out, it generally takes 3-4 weeks before the aromablend can be delivered, as it is produced manually for us and needs to rest for several weeks before it can be shipped.