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Become a certified OMNI hypnotherapist?

Welcome to HypnosisMentor/OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Netherlands

We are passionate about providing you with the highest quality hypnosis training.
We offer a variety of trainings and courses designed to help you become a certified OMNI Hypnotherapist and then specialize further.

You start with the OMNI hypnosis training (basic) and complete with the OMNI hypnotherapy training (advanced) after which you may call yourself OMNI hypnotherapist.

OMNI hypnotherapist is a household name in the hypnosis world!

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Why choose OMNI?

Leading in education and research
Global network and international expertise
More than 40 years of experience in hypnosis training
High-quality training, multiple specializations
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OMNI Hypnosis Training Center®

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High ratings for our hypnosis training courses

A very professional organization with very well developed and substantiated material. Ina and Ayla complement each other wonderfully, you feel seen as a student and contact is possible at any time. There is listening and yet appropriate action. There is a good flow and speed in the training so you stay alert and sharp.

Excellent in hypnosis training

HypnoseMentor is a training provider that has a high quality in its training to become a hypnotherapist with subsequent masters to train you to become a professionally competent hypnotherapist with quality in your backpack.