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Hypnosis Appointment Ayla Oostrom

Hypnosis sessions for children and adults

Introduction Havening Techniques®

Curious what the Havening Techniques® is all about? Why is this form of therapy rapidly conquering the world? Why this technique is used by Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey to get rid of stress? Introduction to the Havening Techniques® During this online meeting you...

Using hypnosis to affect your cells and DNA

The close relationship between mind & body is increasingly reflected by neurological research. What seems to the mind of a human being a sometimes elusive emotion, on a biological level, it are clear assignments for neurotransmitters to control all kinds of...

Immuno-Boost for Strengthening Immune System

What if you are no longer helplessly exposed to flu and colds? What if you could do something yourself so that your immune system would be better prepared for viruses of any kind? This is exactly how we support you with Immuno-Boost® for strengthening immune system. A...

Havening to reduce anxiety – a self-help tool

New powerfull tool for self-helpNow you can experience a beautiful new technique for self-help called the Havening Techniques® that can be used to treat the intricate relation between mind and body to solve fears, anxiety and a whole range of other problems. What is...

Strengthen your immune system with hypnosis

You can indirectly strengthen your immune system using hypnosis. This article explains the how and why. Stress suppresses the immune system Stress suppresses the immune system and stress in turn suppresses the immune system, making us more susceptible to contracting...

Hypnotherapy the profession of the future

Hypnotherapy the profession of the future makes a lot progress. Scientific research shows the effectiveness in many areas such as pain management, fear and phobias, test anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, eating disorders...

Fear for fear or phobia

An irrational fear or phobia can be problematic, lead to disease and hinder the normal functioning of an individual. Scientific research shows that hypnotherapy helps. In fact fear is a motivator. Wikipedia says: "Fear is an emotion induced by a threat perceived by...

More beautiful with hypnosis

REMARKABLE Tekst: Petra Teunissen, Fotografie: Suzanne Hanekamp Professional hypnosis is quite unknown in the Netherlands. We often associate hypnosis with bizarre shows or floating states. Hypnotist Ina Oostrom is averse of such prejudice. She discovered Hypnotic...

New hypnosis podcast of HypnoMum and Ayla

In these podcasts with HypnoMum and Ayla talk about what hypnosis is. Our aim behind this fortnightly series of podcasts is to have fun and inform people about what hypnosis is all about. You can also listen via...

Hypnosis – Dreaming about God, Money and Health?

Tempelreiniging "And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all of them, who sold and bought in the temple, and the tables of the changers he turned over and the chairs of those who sold the doves, and he said to them, "It is written: My house shalll be a house of...

Highway hypnosis: by car in trance

Three-part article about highway hypnosis and going into a trance in the car. The sea can hypnotize The sea possesses a power of moods, which works as a will. The sea can hypnotize. Nature can do that in general. The great secret is the dependence of the human will on...

Havening to reduce anxiety – a self-help tool

New powerfull tool for self-helpNow you can experience a beautiful new technique for self-help called the Havening Techniques® that can be used to treat the intricate relation between mind and body to solve fears, anxiety and a whole range of other problems. What is...

Hypnosis Community

Now you can have a free membership of the Hypnosis Community. This is a platform for free resources on hypnosis, hypnotherapy. It provides free self hypnosis audio's, links to video's on hypnosis, all kinds of information and scientific backgrounds. You can create...

The fear virus spreads the fastest

The world in the grip of the coronavirus, with the fear virus spreading the fastest. And yes, we certainly shouldn't underestimate this virus. Yet we have the most to gain when staying calm and calm and not going along with the fear that is fueled by the news...

National Guild of Hypnotists Convention

Every year a convention takes place organised by the National Guild (NGH) of Hypnotists for hypnotists and hypnotherapists from all over the world in Marlborough Massachusetts USA. This organization was founded in 1950 and it is dedicated to advancing the field of...

Book about hypnosis

‘Hypnosis The Key to Self-Empowerment’ was published on the 3rd of August 2016 uitgegeven. This book was written by the international instructor of Hypnosis Ina Oostrom in cooperation with Simona Linskens, psychologist and currently working on her PHD research medical...

Paracetamol with low back pain

Research published in the  Lancet shows that: Paracetamol with low back pain is not better than a placebo and does not contribute to reducing pain, improving sleep or the quality of live. Still many physicians prescribe paracetamol for reducing pain in...

Hypnosis and anesthesia

People who have to undergo surgery with a local anesthetic can safely opt for hypnosis as a relaxation agent according to Dr . Sebastian Schulz - Stubner , from Iowa State University. A local anesthetic is better for the patient than a general anesthetic, however, the...

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OMNI Hypnosis Training Center is known worldwide as one of the best hypnosis courses. International recognition, certifications and a fixed curriculum worldwide taught in more than 40 training centres.

With more than 40 years of experience in hypnosis training, we teach you all techniques from the basics to specialized techniques.

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Two-day training work on cell and DNA nivau.


Our courses have been recognised at higher educational level and leads to European credits.

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