Fast and effective for physical problems
Modern hypnosis techniques are used for a variety of psychological and physical complaints and work quickly and particularly effectively for anxieties, phobias, weight problems, depression, burn-out, bedwetting, stuttering, compulsive behaviour, concentration problems, impotence, pain control in case of chronic pain, phantom pain, phantom pain, phybromyalgia, painless childbirth, stress management, smoking cessation, ADHD, pain control, migraine, nail biting and much more. HypnosisMentor works with direct hypnosis according to the methods and techniques of Dave Elman. One of the founders of modern hypnotherapy. To find and solve the cause of a problem, hypnoanalysis is applied. This is how this form of hypnotherapy distinguishes itself from essentially traditional speech therapies. HypnosisMentor is certified by the renowned institute OMNI Hypnosis Training Center®.
Waarom kiezen voor een Omni Hypnotherapeut?
  • Trained in direct hypnosis the current known for speed and effectiveness Methods and techniques developed since 1979 and continuously improved and renewed OMNI Hypnotherapists are trained to work towards solving the cause instead of treating the symptoms.