New online sessions

From March 26, we offer the possibility for one-hour online sessions using amygdala depotentiation. This new technique comes from the United States and is powerful in addressing all kinds of fears, chronic pain and much more. In this day and age, it offers the possibility to work online remotely. Click here for more information.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Modern hypnosis techniques are used for a multitude of psychological and physical complaints and work quickly and particularly effectively for anxiety, phobias, weight problems, depression, burnout, bed wetting, stuttering, compulsive behavior, concentration problems, impotence, pain management in chronic pain, phantom pain, phybromyalgia, painless giving birth, stress management, quitting smoking, ADHD, pain management, migraine, nail biting and much more.

HypnosisMentor works with direct hypnosis according to the methods and techniques of Dave Elman. One of the founders of modern hypnotherapy. Hypnoanalysis is applied to find and solve the cause of a problem. This distinguishes this form of hypnotherapy in a substantially traditional speech therapies. HypnosisMentor is qualified by the renowned omni hypnosis training center®.

Why choose an Omni Hypnotherapist?

  • Trained in direct hypnosis the flow known for speed and effectiveness
  • Methods and techniques that have been developed since 1979 and are constantly being improved and renewed
  • OMNI Hypnotherapists are trained to work on solving the cause rather than symptom control.