HypnoMum and Ayla in Switserland

HypnoMum and Ayla go Hypnotic

Ayla: “Welcome to our new podcast episode, as you see, we’re having a very special episode because we’re not doing this on Zoom. We’re in fact not even doing this in the Netherlands. We are in Switzerland. We were here for a business meeting and. On the plane, we thought, how can we utilize our time efficiently and for the ones who know there has been a new movie that came out on Netflix a while ago called Hypnotic. And it is about a therapist who uses hypnotherapy, but not necessarily for the good, so we thought we need to watch this. This is part of our profession, so we watched it in a plane together. And this podcast episode is our review on the movie Hypnotic. What do we want to do Mom?”

HypnoMum: “Well, we’ve heard so many reactions of on this movie, but I think you should make your opening statement about when we were at the airport to rent a car?

Ayla: “Yeah, what happened there? Yeah.  So this was really funny. We watched the movie, then we arrived in Zurich and we rented a car. So when I went to the car rental place, this guy asked me: ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a hypnotist’ I said. And the response was like, ‘Oh, I just watched that movie hypnotic’. So immediate effect. And it’s very painful for us as hypnotherapist because we have to work so hard to eliminate fear with clients, fear for hypnosis. And we can see already how this movie is contributing to more fear around hypnosis and more misconceptions. Because some of the things that are depicted in the movie, they do not correlate with reality. So that’s why we wanted to make in an episode a podcast on this movie.

You can watch the full podcast here.