Portret Johan Eland

Who is Johan Eland

On this website you can read articles from the hand of Johan Eland. Johan Eland (61) has a bookshop and is specialised in behavioural sciences and owns a private library containing almost 3000 books on hypnosis with very old, old and newer books. He is regarded in Holland as an expert in the field of hypnosis literature.

When Johan wanted to stop smoking more than 30 years ago he did so with the help of hypnosis. The session was very successful and and his interest in the subject was roused. He never practised the profession. Instead he became very interested in the theoretical side of hypnosis. He says about hypnosis: “It is a serious profession and versatile, you can deal with problems but it also improve qualities or develop talents. Hospitals and doctors have been working with hypnosis but we are not there yet. Physicians should routinely be taught about hypnosis in a professional and serious way and in the Netherlands we should appoint a professor in hypnosis. The image that people have of hypnosis is not correct and the hypnosis associations need to do more than they are actually doing. There is still much to do.”

30 years ago Johan began collecting books on hypnosis. This resulted in a spectacular private library with thousands of books. Because this is the most extensive collection Dutch students, writers and scientists come to Johan for information. You can make an appointment with him to study the books and he has also many books for sale.

Very soon a book will be published from his own hand about the ” cuddle hormone ” oxytocin and hypnosis. This hormone promotes good social contact and increases the suggestibility and can hardly be artificially administered. It is of great importance, for example in relation to autism. The book tells you how to use hypnosis to stimulate the brains to produce more of this hormone.
Johan Eland can be reached through his website www.lilith.nl.