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Using hypnosis to affect your cells and DNA

The close relationship between mind & body is increasingly reflected by neurological research. What seems to the mind of a human being a sometimes elusive emotion, on a biological level, it are clear assignments for neurotransmitters to control all kinds of processes in the body that work to the cell and DNA level. For example, psychoneuroimmunology shows that persistent stress can have a huge negative impact on various body process. We can have a positive influence. With the help of hypnosis, cells and DNA can be affected.

The effects of stress

An important intervention to positively influence body processes starts with the reversal of stress. Stress is an important survival mechanism because it allows us to react quickly in life-threatening situations. Unfortunately, the stress mechanism is triggered much more often than only when our lives are actually in danger. Today’s society provides us with plenty of stressful moments. Scientific research shows that stress persists over a long period of time that it can lead to negative consequences for the body and even cause disease. With persistent stress, the functioning of the immune system, blood pressure, the composition of hormones, glucose management and much more changes. In many mental and physical problems that range from phybromyalgia, chronic pain, diabetes and depression, stress plays a role in changing the body’s biochemistry.

Dealing with stress

Hypnotherapists know powerful techniques to help the client to tackle stress, such as learning self-hypnosis techniques to solve negative emotions, trauma and so on. It is very helpful to start learning a technique of self hypnosis for deep mental and physical relaxation even for physical complaints such as phybromyalgia, chronic pain and other complaints.

HypnoCell® goes a step further

If we look at the importance of solving stress, we work with HypnoCell® and hypnosis at the cell and DNA level. HypnoCell® goes one step further. Healing processes of injuries to bones, tendons and muscles can be positively affected with cell hypnosis. Active support can be given to reduce the side effects of gene editing agents, such as chemotherapy. For example, the self-healing force can be activated prior to surgery. Various mental and physical complaints can be addressed with HypnoCell® down to the cell and DNA level.

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