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The value of participating a hypnosis convention

This is a personal story and I hope by writing it down it will inspire you to consider participating one the beautiful hypnosis conventions that are being organized.

In 2008 I felt it was necessary for my personal wellbeing to find a training to learn self-hypnosis. My work brought a lot of stress, not really in a negative way, however, having my own company as an ICT strategic advisor and being engaged in setting up an international network for strengthening women entrepreneurship was a lot to deal with. I thought it important to take good care of myself and thought that learning self-hypnosis was a valuable thing.

At that time, I could not find any self-hypnosis training sessions, however, I found a training to become a hypnotist. My line of thinking was that during that training I most certainly would learn self-hypnosis. That was far from the truth, I learned to become a hypnotist, however, for learning the valuable techniques of self-hypnosis I had to fly to Deland to have a training with Gerald Kein, which I did in 2009.

Anyhow, since 2008 I knew that hypnosis was my ‘thing’ and I became a hypnotherapist and in 2012 I became certified instructor for OMNI Hypnosis Training Center and started to visit international hypnosis conventions. Until I participated one of these conventions  I actually have no idea of how enriching that is. Here is the list of how I benefited participating in these conventions.

  • It helped me to become better in my work. I participated many workshops and trainings and there is always something small or big that you pick up at a convention that helps you in your work.
  • Connecting with many people from abroad helped me connecting in a wide variety of networks. I learned a lot on how marketing is done in other countries, how they deal with legal issues amongst other things and that help me think more clearly about the problems I encounter in my work.
  • It helped me to have a greater awareness on the totality of the field of hypnosis, because there are people from different backgrounds, different hypnosis schools and that helped to widen my view.
  • It helped me to become more profound in my profession. Connecting with people who work in the same area and hearing their stories from different countries, backgrounds makes that you have always something interesting to bring to the table in my own environment.
  • It helped me grow in the profession. I would not have dreamed when I started visiting conventions in 2013 that I would write my own book. The beauty of it is that in publishing this book I had a lot of international help. This help would never have materialized without connecting with other hypnotists via conventions.
  • I presented workshops and was selected to present at these conventions and that also a beautiful thing to do since it helped me even grow more in my profession.
  • Last but certainly not least is the fun of meeting with colleagues that over the years now have become friends.

Now here is your chance to participate in one or more international hypnosis convention that are open to hypnotistis from all backgrounds: