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The immeasurable power of the heart

Limitation versus infinity from the immeasurable power of the heart.

With subjects such as hypnosis and mind-body-spirit relationships, you don’t make friends in most of the friends circles. Within the recognised civil society organisations, these topics are not a subject of regular meetings or discussions. However, in private circles or in the confidentiality with friends, these topics can be discussed extensively and in depth at various levels. What is it, however, also mainly how is it, how does it feel, how does it work? Who has experience with it and what are its benefits? Related subjects such as near-death experiences and previous lives are also seen in some groups. But also the relationship between the state of trance and energy fields comes into play.

Studies from various scientific disciplines have shown in recent decades that human consciousness influences matter. Indeed, the pioneers in the field of human transformation go a little further still by establishing the link between hypnosis and multidimensionality. The state of trance or the transpersonal hypnosis (self-hypnosis) is seen as a “small dot of our ability to enter the multidimensionality.(1) If you keep yourself busy with the question of how all this is possible and thereby you forget to focus on the fact that it works, you lose much of the essence that lies behind it. If our attention stays with the experience, the how will become self-evident. In this respect, there is also an increasing number of connecting factors, because when it comes to the state of trance and the relationship with the energy fields, we can think of the fact that the electromagnetic field of the heart is 5,000 times stronger than that of the brain. The question then arises: who makes contact with the energy fields, the heart or the brain?

Scientists have discovered that during the communication between heart and brain, more signals go from the heart to the brain than vice versa. In fact, even more so when the heart rhythm becomes chaotic – due to stress or negative feelings – the heart also sends chaotic signals to the brain, which disrupts the mind, the motor skills of the person etc. The heart also sends chaotic signals to the brain. In this way, the person lives at a very low level of being, so that his/her potential is not used. The state of trance and the connection to the energy fields are not achieved from this low level. People who are emotionally intelligent know how to achieve a certain heart coherence. This connects them to the enormous energy field of their heart. This energy field does not stand alone, as nothing around us stands on its own, and connects itself with the energy fields of the universe. This is the language for communication with other dimensions while the trance makes the environment suitable for this to happen. We can see, for example, that approaching these subjects cannot be done in the traditional way or in the materialistic way of thinking. The same applies to emotional intelligence that cannot be approached, interpreted and/or understood from the perspective of intellectual intelligence.

Or as Einstein said when it comes to your approach to your life:

There are only two ways to live your life: pretending that nothing is a miracle, and pretending that everything is a miracle. (Albert Einstein)


(1)Eric D. Leskowits – Transpersonal hypnosis, page 176.

© Simona Linskens