Ina Oostrom signeert haar boek

Praise on hypnosis the Key to Self-Empowerment

  • ‘The best book about hypnosis that I ever read’ – Dr. Sonja de Graaf, MD
  • ‘This is well written and very informative’ – Gerald Kein – International trainer hypnosis and hypnotherapy
  • ‘I have read millions of words on hypnosis. It isn’t easy to find something new and valuable to read (or write) about hypnosis.Readers will hit the jackpot here.’ – Ralph Benko, international columnist. See review on Amazon.

There are many, many books on Hypnosis out there – and some of them even have accurate information.

This book by Ina Oostrom, Simona Linskens and Vijay Sharma stands out as one of the most important books in recent years that correctly explains the World of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy (where Hypnosis is used to produce positive change – physically, mentally or spiritually)

It covers a vast range of topics that effect or are affected by hypnosis –  quantum physics, the theory of the mind, belief systems, energy fields, DNA factors, societal belief systems to name a sprinkling. The book also has an excellent overview of the history of modern hypnosis. Most importantly the authors set out to correct the imbalance (in literature, though perhaps not in practice) between the Ericsonian type of Hypnosis and the Hypnosis Techniques of David Elman. Both huge figures in the creation of modern hypnosis techniques, but as the authors point out, for some reason Dave Elman is pretty much absent in the literature of modern hypnosis, which is strange given that his methods and procedures are widely used by modern hypnotherapists.

This book seeks, among other things, to correct that imbalance with its explanations and descriptions of the many fields of hypnosis in current use that have come from the concepts of Dave Elman.

However the biggest reason to read this book is that it has its facts straight regarding the concepts, methods and modern worlds of hypnosis, no matter what type or ‘brand’, and it is clear and direct in its explanations.

For anyone seeking an understanding of Hypnosis, Modern Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, or for those of us who would like a straightforward, and truthful account of Modern Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – this is the book to read. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Ines Simpson, Award winning hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor of Hypnosis

Hypnosis, The Key to Self-Empowerment is an outstanding, comprehensive work that explains everything a non-hypnotist needs to know about the subject.

If you want to understand hypnosis, how it works, and what hypnosis can do to improve your mental and physical well-being, you need to read this book!

Sean Michael Andrews, Award winning hypnotist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and  Certified Life Coach

This is one of the most comprehensive books on hypnosis I ever read – and I read a lot of them. The authors do not only dig into the single hypnosis techniques but they also give the big picture on how and why hypnosis works. Even if you didn’t know about hypnosis so far, after reading this book you will understand the power of hypnosis and how it can help with a lot of mental and medical problems, how it helps children overcome their issues and a it discusses many other applications.

The authors describe the subject with many metaphors taken from daily life. So you can understand very easily how your subconscious mind affects your thoughts, emotions and body functions.

Numerous case studies nail down what the authors depict in their book. They show that the hypnotic state is not supernatural or manipulative but a natural state everyone experiences every day without knowing it.

This book is dedicated to one of the most underestimated hypnotists and founder of modern hypnosis, Dave Elman, and to Gerald Kein who enhanced Dave Elmans techniques in the last decades. Both deserve to be more recognized because their hypnosis methods and techniques are unique and helped thousands of people worldwide.

I met one of the authors, Ina Oostrom, several times. She is not only one of the most intelligent persons I know but she also has a big heart. She contributes tremendously to today’s hypnosis world. I fully recommend her as a hypnotherapist and OMNI hypnosis instructor.

This book is a must read for you if you are interested in finding a natural, effective and efficient way to overcome your problems, if you want to get profound and science-based information about hypnosis, and if you want to expand your existing knowledge about hypnosis.

Sandra Blabl, Hypnotherapist, OMNI Hypnosis Instructor, HypnoSlim® Instructor, Author

It’s an honor to review a book that represents the totality of hypnosis, one of the most powerful tools available to mankind. Hypnosis is the portal to what is really happening inside and around us and can unlock the many secrets of our subconscious mind and even our souls.

When I was 20 years old I experienced firsthand a NDA (Near Death Experience), I was in a severe car accident and went into a coma and my body landed in Intensive Care while I was having a grand experience in another world that I can only describe as incredible peaceful and comforting. It felt like being home and there was no desire to go back to my life as a medical student preparing to become a surgeon, which was my lifelong dream. This dream world was fascinating and addictive. At a certain moment I was approached by a few beings who looked like the wizards out of a Hollywood movie and I was gently but firmly summoned to go back to complete my mission. There was no place for discussion and a moment later I was in my paralyzed body wondering if it was a dream or real. My dream of becoming a surgeon was destroyed because of the after effects of the blunt trauma. That is how I became interested in alternative fields of medicine and became an acupuncturist and a few years later also a hypnotist. The reason was that I was searching for answers that science could not give me. In hypnosis I found the answers about life, why we are here, where we come from and much more. In hypnosis we enter through a portal that can bring us to past experiences, future visions and discover the true reasons of why things are happening to us. Once we go through the portal of hypnosis into ‘all there is’ there are many doors we can enter like the memory bank of this life and find out things we have forgotten and also the causes why we feel and react certain ways, we can communicate with our soul, with our higher consciousness, with our body’s intelligence and even with other intelligences that we did not know existed.

This book: Hypnosis, the key to self-empowerment is one of the first books that really gives us a glimpse in the infinite possibilities hypnosis has to offer. Hypnosis will unlock our potential in ways that even many hypnotists have no idea about. My wife Joy has unlocked through hypnosis a doorway to be in contact with her guides, her higher consciousness, her soul and the vast wealth of information of the past, future and other dimensions and has become my go-to Oracle whenever I have an important question. You can discover how this is possible with this book and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in the mystery of being human and want to find out more about ourselves.

I hope this book will land in many hands of those seeking to know more!

With respect and complimenting the authors on an incredible well crafted, easy to read book!

Roy Martina, holistic M.D., bestselling author Emotional Balance