Ina Oostrom en Suzanne Hanekamp

More beautiful with hypnosis

Tekst: Petra Teunissen, Fotografie: Suzanne Hanekamp

Professional hypnosis is quite unknown in the Netherlands. We often associate hypnosis with bizarre shows or floating states. Hypnotist Ina Oostrom is averse of such prejudice. She discovered Hypnotic Beauty in the Netherlands: A programme that helps you to become more beautiful in a safe way using suggestions. How does it work?

Ina Oostrom is the owner of HypnoseMentor in Oosterhout. All her life she is interested in people and brains and has read countless books on the subject. “I wanted to take good care of myself and for instance know how to deal with stress. Hypnosis fascinated me so much that I went to take training in the United States. This profession was still very unknown, and unloved. After I could call myself officially hypnotist, there were people who did not want to talk to me. That’s a pity, because hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep, power, esotericism or religion It does not work as “truth serum.” Hypnosis is just a very natural state, an enormous concentration of feeling. Actually every day you go in and out of hypnosis. For example when you are very concentrated doing something and you are in a flow or watching an exciting movie. In a hypnosis session you are in a safe situation and you switch of your critical and analytical part of yourself. The suggestions of the therapist make you dive deeply into your subconsciousness. If you’re in such a hypnotic trance, you get so close to your feelings that you can eliminate blockages that cause fear or pain. You do not lose control, instead you gain control over your life.


Ina: “Scientists from the renowned Mayo Clinic in the United States are convinced that when hypnosis is done properly, it is beneficial for several issues. I always compare it with an iceberg. During talk therapies the client explains the problem from the normal consciousness. That is the tip of the iceberg, the ten percent that is visible. We see in practice that the subconscious knows the real cause of the problem. That is why a hypnotist puts on the diving suit and deals with the 90% of the subconscious and the feeling part.”

Ina is member of the professional association Hypnose Vereniging Nederland specialized in direct hypnosis featuring direct hypnosis by the efficient and effective treatments leading to rapid results. Ina: “ The hypnotist makes use of unambiguous acceptable suggestions and tells the client what he/she wants to experience such as: ‘you are now deeply relaxed’ or ‘ you are 5 years and you are at school.’ The word ‘direct’ has nothing to do with commanding: it helps the client to reach his/her subconscious. After that the client can get suggestions for self healing. The hypnotist is only a tool.”

True beauty comes from within

Ina:  “What you feel inside is what you radiate. You can program yourself strongly negative such as women with anorexia are doing. Beauty involves a lot of trouble. Some people find the appearance, shape, more important than what they are inside. However, beauty is so subjective. do you know that the famous bust of Nefertiti has wrinkles?  That is what makes the statue so attractive. I want to help people grow their self confidence so that they radiate. Radiating people are beautiful. They are noticed. On a hypnosis convention I came into contact with a nurse and hypnotherapist called Wendy Packer from New York. She is a grandmother and did not want to become a ‘faded beauty.’ She tried out a couple of long forgotten hypnosis techniques on herself and after a while other people noticed that she looked young and beautiful. She presented her Hypnotic Beauty at this convention. What attracted me in this method of self hypnosis is the emphasis that ‘ real beauty comes from the inside’. That is what we need in this world. Almost everybody can feel more beautiful and more young.

Hypnotic Beauty consists of four parts. Hypnotic Beauty by Serenity (relaxation), Smile, Complexion and Eyes. It is very accessible. Everybody can follow this program. Ina made special audio recordings you can listen to at a quit place. The more often you listen the bigger the effect is. Guided by her voice you slowly but surely sink into a deep relaxation. This inner serenity is a very important effect of Hypnotic Beauty. The skin relaxes and looks more peaceful. Stress hormones reduce. Ina also gives suggestions for moments of the mouth and eyes. These (mental) muscle exercises help the face become more firm and thee yes more radiating. This method also comprises techniques from yoga and Ayurveda. The related program Hypnotic Charisma focuses on the voice, intonation and body language so that you can get a charismatic, powerful radiation. This method of radical self validation is used a lot in business.
Ina: “I find Hypnotic Beauty and Charisma proven, safe and easy ways to bring your natural beauty and radiation tot he outside. That is a lot less mysterious than it probably sounds. We help to bring out the good in people. That is why I can fully put myself behind this program.”

Hypnotic Beauty in the salon

In case you are interested in hyponotic beauty through hypnosis you can download a free MP3 and e-book via Ina’s website Hypnosementor and  Hypnotic Charisma for the English language) and listen to it. If this self hypnosis appeals to you, you can ask your client to listen to Ina’s voice during giving a mask or massage. Or you speak this text yourself from the e-book. Ina: “ With the words you enhance the relaxing influence of your hands. In case you like more, you can become a Hypnotic Beauty and Charisma Consultant. After a four day training you become a stress consultant and you can help people reduce weight or quit smoking. You can follow a special training in hypnotic beauty & charisma. You can integrate these techniques into your daily practice or have separate consults. Also for your personal development hypnosis is a valuable tool because it teaches you the power of the human mind. “

For more information: Hypnosementor. On 7 September Ina is giving an introduction on Hypnosis including a preview on Hypnotic Beauty & Charisma in Breukelen.

Text originally in Dutch by Tekst: Petra Teunissen for Esthéticienne.