Hypnosis training in Amsterdam

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Alternative dates seven day training:

28th March up to and including 3 April 2020

5 up to and including 11 September 2020

Teacher: Ayla Oostrom

Location: Teleportboulevard 100
1043 EJ Amsterdam

Hypnosis training in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a cultural hotspot where you can find artists, entrepreneurs and a lot of creative people. The city is known for its historical city centre that consists of water canals (grachten) and historical houses in different shapes and forms. Amsterdam was a very prosperous city during the golden age. Paintings from famous painters from this era can be seen in the different museums that you can find in this city. During spring season, the local people seek the sun and enjoy their beers and wines alongside the beautiful canals of the city.

Training location

The training location is close to Sloterdijk station. When you arrive from Schiphol airport it will take a ten minutes train ride to reach Sloterdijk station. From their it is an additional 7 minutes’ walk to the location of the course.

Teleportboulevard 100
1043 EJ Amsterdam


If you are coming from abroad it is wise to book your accommodation as soon as possible since Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination. Below we provide a list with possible hotel option close to the training location (be aware this is not in the city centre). If you consider accommodation elsewhere in the city take into account that you might need to use public transportation to reach the training location.

Accommodation options*:

Please be aware that the information that is offered here is based on information that was found on the internet. Prices might have changed. Also, this list does not include all the options available.



Train lodge
Distance to training location: 3 minutes’ walk
Average price: €32 (including taxes) a night for a bed in a compartment with 6 beds
If you are looking for a special experience you might consider this hostel. This hostel changed a night train into a hostel. You are sleeping in a train compartment with 5 other people. WIFI is included here as well.

Wow Hostel
Distance to training location: 11 minutes’ walk
Average price: €30 (including taxes and breakfast) a night for a dormitory with 4 or 6 beds.
If you are looking for affordable accommodation WOW’s hostel might be an option. On the website it says that there is a mix of temporary art minded guests that come here. WOW also offers artists-in-residence and cultural activities around the complex.


Meininger Hotel Amsterdam City West
Distance to training location: 8 minutes’ walk
Prices: ranging between €34 to €91 a night depending on the type of room. They have singles room, but they also offer dormitory rooms. Be aware that taxes are not included in the price yet.

Distance to training location: none
Prices: between 100-168 euro a night

Amsterdam Teleport Hotel
Distance to location: 6 minutes’ walk

Mercure Hotel Amsterdam Sloterdijk:

Distance to location: 9 minutes’ walk

 Urban Lodge Hotel:
Distance to location: 6 minutes’ walk

 Alternative options:

You could look for something yourself using these websites: