Hypnosis training in Amsterdam

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28th March up to and including 3 April 2020

5 up to and including 11 September 2020

Teacher: Ayla Oostrom

Location: To be determined in Amsterdam

Hypnosis training in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a cultural hotspot where you can find artists, entrepreneurs and a lot of creative people. The city is known for its historical city centre that consists of water canals (grachten) and historical houses in different shapes and forms. Amsterdam was a very prosperous city during the golden age. Paintings from famous painters from this era can be seen in the different museums that you can find in this city. During spring season, the local people seek the sun and enjoy their beers and wines alongside the beautiful canals of the city.

Training location

To be determined in Amsterdam


If you are coming from abroad it is wise to book your accommodation as soon as possible since Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination. List of accommodation will be published as soon as location is determined.