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Hypnosis and anesthesia

People who have to undergo surgery with a local anesthetic can safely opt for hypnosis as a relaxation agent according to Dr . Sebastian Schulz – Stubner , from Iowa State University.
A local anesthetic is better for the patient than a general anesthetic, however, the prospect of waking up during surgery is a scary thought for many . That is why many people still get a relaxing medication or a ruffle . That is not necessary says Schulz – Stubner. According to him, hypnosis can bring a solution. In Germany he did a study amongst forty-eight patients who chose to undergo surgery with a local anesthesia combined with hypnosis for relaxation.

No one of the test persons then needed a soothing medicine, however,  when the procedure was repeated with 12 people who had to undergo emergency surgery it was only effective in two cases . Schulz- Stubner concludes that preparation is the key to a successful calming hypnosis . Hypnosis in the Iowa State is now only used in outpatients so that there is sufficient opportunity to prepare them and to practice the hypnotic procedure.

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