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Visualisatie van de organellen in een cel

Discover the power of hypnosis at the cellular and DNA level with our intensive two-day HypnoCell® basic training. This groundbreaking course will enable you to become a specialist in accelerating recovery. Learn how to unite body, mind, and subconscious into a powerful team that optimizes the recovery process.

For whom.

This course is designed for therapists, health care professionals medical professionals, and anyone who already has basic knowledge of hypnosis. It is perfect for professionals who want to expand their skills with advanced techniques to effectively support patients in recovering faster from injuries, surgeries, and working with serious health problems.To participate in this course, it is desirable that you have already completed hypnosis training, no matter at which institute. We also recommend a foundation in regression techniques.

What does this course offer?

The HypnoCell® (basic) training offers:

  • An introduction to cells and DNA
  • Thorough knowledge of hypnosis at the cellular and DNA level.
  • Practical techniques for accelerating recovery and slowing down the aging process.
  • A unique approach to integrating body, mind, and subconscious into therapeutic processes.
  • Regression in the cell, regression in the DNA
  • Working with burnout through the cells
  • Access to our HypnoCell® specialist group on the HypnosisCommunity for comprehensive post-training support.

Study Load

This training involves for the basic training to learn at the cellular and DNA level with hypnosis a total of 16 teacher contact hours (2 days classroom) as well as a minimum of 14 hours of self-study, a total of 30 hours (1 ETCs).

Hands-on learning

Erich Walker gives regular online exchanges where experiences can be exchanged and questions asked.

Tutoring after training

After completing the training, we offer extensive support through access to our HypnoCell® specialist group on the HypnosisCommunity. This platform provides further learning resources, study materials, and direct contact with the instructor.

Recognized certificate

Participants receive a recognized certificate of participation at the end of the course, which recognizes their professionalism and expertise in the field.

Contents OMNI HypnoCell Basic Training

  • How does Omni HypnoCell® work?
  • The evolution of cells
  • A dive into the cells
  • The cell membrane and how cells talk.
  • The process of OMNI HypnoCell®.
  • Organelles: What does it look like inside the cell?
  • The nucleus, the cell nucleus: Get to know the “heart of the cell”
  • Unleash DNA: Delve into the world of DNA. Learn how to do regression to the cell nucleus
  • Recovery in the cells: Learn about the Esdaile state in the cells.
  • Stimulating self-healing


  • After completing HypnoCell training, you will be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to work with hypnosis at the cellular level.
  • You will have an in-depth understanding of how cells function and how to use this knowledge to support accelerated repair and slow the aging process.
  • You can give supports regarding stress management down to the cell nuclear and DNA level, treat scars, reduce side effects of medications and improve performance in sports.
  • As a HypnoCell specialist, you are able to help clients support faster recovery from injuries and surgeries.
  • With your science-based knowledge and practical skills, you can support patients in achieving better health and well-being while harmonizing the body, soul and mind.
  • After the training, you will be ready to expand your own practice with confidence and expertise and to use the benefits of HypnoCell for the well-being of others.
  • The basic training includes two classroom training days
  • The course is taught in the English language.
  • A manual for basic training in Dutch or English.
  • Post-training support through free participation in our HypnosisCommunity for general support and additional study materials and direct contact with the instructor.
  • Certificate of Participation


  • The total cost for the HypnoCell® basic and HypnoCell® advanced is € 845 (on account)
  • Up to one month prior to the training an early booking discount of € 75 is possible with Ideal payment.
  • When registering by invoice, you will receive the invoice approximately 3 weeks in advance with a payment period of 14 days. The invoice must be described in our account prior to the training.
  • This training is exempt from VAT.

Prerequisites to this course

  • Within 14 days, the training can be cancelled free of charge. After this period, the cancellation conditions as described in the General Terms and Conditions NRTO apply.
  • HypnoseMentor may decide to cancel with fewer than ten participants. HypnoseMentor cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred by the participant himself in the context of the training such as travel and accommodation expenses.In case of cancellation by HypnoseMentor, the fees paid by the student will be refunded within seven days.
  • The student is expected to participate personally during the indicated class study hours
  • At the end of the program, the student is asked to complete an evaluation
  • The cost includes a manual in the Dutch language issued to the student
  • Enrollment and training information will be shared with the instructor.
  • Upon distribution of the training materials, you will be asked to sign a copyright statement regarding the intellectual property of the training materials
  • The NRTO general terms and conditions apply to this training.
  • We conform to the NRTO code of conduct

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Practical information

Erich Walker

Duration of training
2 days of classroom

The training will be held in the English language. You will receive a manual in the Dutch or English language

The training will be held in Oosterhout

Starting dates Price from Location Places available Language
Start date 13 May 2024 en 14 May 2024 Price from 770 Location Oosterhout Places available: 15 Language English Show planning Enroll
Class days and times:
  • Dag 1 Mon 13 May 2024 09:00 - 19:00 Hours Oosterhout
  • Dag 2 Tue 14 May 2024 09:00 - 19:00 Hours Oosterhout
Location details
Hoevestein 12
4903 SC Oosterhout