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This course is designed for professionals looking for effective and transformative methods to help their clients. Havening Techniques® offers a unique approach by using the neurobiology of touch to positively influence the brain and body.

For whom

Are you a professional in the therapy field looking for an innovative approach? Then learn the impressive Havening Techniques® and discover how to help your clients permanently with anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma, chronic pain and other challenges.

  • This course can be taken without prior hypnosis training.
  • This training is given at a higher educational level
  • This training is without the certification process. That means you can use the techniques in your practice, however, you may not mention the name Havening Techniques® on your website.

What does this course offer?

  • Practical Knowledge: Learn to apply Havening Techniques® to a variety of mental health challenges, including anxiety, PTSD, phobias and chronic pain.
  • Hands-on learning through live demonstrations: Observe experienced professionals putting Havening Techniques® into practice.
  • Interactive practice sessions: Practice the techniques yourself during guided practice sessions, developing skills and confidence.
  • In-depth exploration of the neurobiology of touch: Delve into how touch affects the brain and body and the scientific basis behind Havening Techniques®.
  • Sustainable, life-changing results for clients: Facilitate rapid and lasting change in your clients by developing and maintaining their emotional resilience.
  • Self-Havening Techniques for Personal Growth: Apply Havening yourself for your own stress management and relaxation, to support your well-being as a therapist and then teach it to your clients.
  • Building a successful therapy practice: Integrate Havening into your practice to offer a distinctive and effective form of therapy.
  • Apply Online: Learn to apply Havening Techniques® effectively online to help clients remotely.

Experiences of our students

What a valuable training is Havening Techniques and Stephen is an excellent trainer. If you get a chance, I recommend working with him. He is approachable, positive and very knowledgeable. I am glad I was able to learn Havening from the best. The results I achieve with Havening are amazing!
Jantine Stam – Applied psychologist – Hypnotherapist, EMDR, Brainspotting-Netherlands

I was impressed with how Stephen was able to share his knowledge and experience with us and take us to the next level. During the certification process, he also shows to be an excellent mentor that you can learn a lot from.
Dr. Henny Cho Chia Yuen, MD, Medical Practice, Netherlands

What tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm Stephen conveys from the first minute of training. In the months surrounding the completion of the certification process, he provides approachable good guidance. With great passion and humor, he shares his knowledge and gives you feedback.
How grateful I am that Havening Techniques® has allowed me to guide so many clients to such effective and profound healing of their fears, phobias and traumas. And also in increasing their resilience. And also in increasing their resilience. I am confident that now as a certified practitioner I can only apply the wonderful work even more. Thank you Stephen.
Petri Pennings, Hypnotherapist, trauma therapist, coach, Netherlands

I have met Stephen as my Havening techniques trainer and he is great. He knows all about this trauma therapy that can help many people with all sorts of things. Grateful to learn from him
Carla Perdaems 💙 Lifestyle and life happiness expert. Netherlands

Stephen is a brilliant trainer; he is very knowledgeable. I have learned a lot from him and I am grateful that I can practice Havening in my own practice.
Mandy (Beautiful-force energetic therapy) Paryanto, Netherlands

He is an excellent teacher and clearly a skilled and experienced therapist.
Stephen is easily approachable and takes plenty of time for questions and answers.
Since then, I have been using Havening with my clients with amazing results, even online.
I highly recommend his trainings and am grateful to Stephen and the Organizing team for bringing this powerful tool to the Netherlands.
Rianne Hekking- Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Child Therapist, Netherlands

I took the Havening training with Stephen and I am very glad I did. The training system was well thought out; the pace at which the information came my way was perfect. The study cases required to obtain my certification prepared me very well for applying these techniques in my practice. I am glad I got this therapeutic tool because I can already see how effective it is in helping my clients. Stephen, your feedback and the opportunities you have provided have been invaluable. Thank you for helping to expand my expertise.”
Zuzana Bubalova Trauma-informed Integrative Therapist, Netherlands

Study Load

The course includes a total of 16 teacher contact hours spread over 2 days, supplemented by a minimum of 12 hours of self-study, This amounts to a total of 28 hours of study load, or 1 ETC.

Hands-on learning

Through live demonstrations and interactive hands-on sessions, you will experience firsthand the impact of Havening Techniques®.

Tutoring after training

Upon completion of the training, you will gain access to our exclusive Facebook community for ongoing support and valuable connections with peers.

Recognized certificate

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a recognized certificate, which will allow you to present yourself as a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner. You will be included in the worldwide database of Havening Techniques® Practioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Havening also effective online?

Yes, Havening Techniques® can be applied online with as much confidence and success as in face-to-face sessions.

Is experience in hypnotherapy required?

No, no hypnosis techniques are used in this course


  • Learn how to apply Havening Techniques for anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, phobias, chronic pain, somatization disorders and pathological emotions, with excellent results within minutes!
  • Experience live demonstrations and interactive hands-on sessions
  • Understand the neurobiology of human touch and how it affects the brain and body
  • Consistently achieve rapid and lasting, life-changing results for your clients
  • Develop and maintain emotional resilience with Havening
  • Learn self-healing techniques for stress management and relaxation
  • Discover how to build and grow a successful therapy practice with Havening
  • Experience live demonstrations and hands-on group sessions
  • Learn to confidently apply Havening Techniques online and achieve the same results as in regular sessions
  • Get access to the Facebook Havening Community for valuable connections and support


  • Remarkable and fast results with your clients, often within minutes!
  • New knowledge, techniques and skills that you can apply immediately
  • Quickly identifying root causes of fears, problems and traumas for lasting results
  • Teach your clients self-healing techniques for stress management and resilience development
  • Discover how Havening combined with hypnotherapy and other psychotherapeutic approaches produces even more powerful results
  • Build and grow a successful and profitable therapy practice
  • Quickly recoup your investment in this training with the first to third Havening clients

What you get

  • Two intensive training days in English
  • Download the training manual in English
  • Bonus video of a two-day Havening training session
  • Access to the exclusive Havening Facebook group, worldwide
  • Online resources and tools for further support
  • Ongoing mentorship and guidance from Stephen Travers, The Director of U.K & International Havening
  • Certificate of Participation


  • The total cost is €875. (By invoice). Payment must be credited to our account before the 1st day of training.
  • This training is exempt from VAT.


  • HypnoseMentor may decide to cancel with fewer than ten participants. HypnoseMentor cannot be held responsible for expenses incurred by the participant himself in connection with the training such as travel and accommodation expenses. After you have gained access to the digital study materials, cancellation is not possible.
  • Enrollment and training information will be shared with the instructor and Havening Techniques®
  • When the training materials are distributed, you will be asked to sign a copyright statement regarding the intellectual property of the training materials.
  • The student is expected to personally participate in the specified days of the online course for which he has registered.
  • At the end of the program, the student is asked to complete an evaluation
  • The cost includes a manual in the English language that the student can download through the online environment.
  • Enrollment and training information will be shared with the instructor.
  • The NRTO general terms and conditions apply to this training.
  • We conform to the NRTO code of conduct

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Practical information

Stephen Travers

Duration of training
2 Day Virtual Classroom. After that, you have one year’s time to complete the accreditation process.

The training will be held in the English language. You get a download manual in the English language

This training does not include the accreditation process. You may use the techniques in your practice without the accreditation process, but you may not use the Havening Techniques® logo or the Havening Techniques® name.

This course is held online (Virtual classroom)

Starting dates Price from Location Places available Language
Start date 11 May 2024 en 12 May 2024 Price from 875 Location Places available: 9 Language English Show planning Enroll
Class days and times:
  • Dag 1 Sat 11 May 2024 10:00 - 19:00 Hours
  • Dag 2 Sun 12 May 2024 10:00 - 19:00 Hours
Start date 18 Oct 2024 en 19 Oct 2024 Price from 875 Location Places available: 15 Language English Show planning Enroll
Class days and times:
  • Dag 1 Fri 18 Oct 2024 10:00 - 19:00 Hours
  • Dag 2 Sat 19 Oct 2024 10:00 - 19:00 Hours