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About the authors

She is an international renowned teacher of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and is the designated instructor and general manager for the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center in the Netherlands. She has a master in science and has extensive international organizational experience. All her life she has a fascination for to how the brain works and since  2008 made the switch in her work in started to do sessions with hypnotherapy in order to help people solve all kinds of mental, physical and other problems. In 2015 she launched the first hypnosis magazine in the Netherlands. In the same year she received the prestigious Gerald Kein Award for Excellence in Hypnotism.

Her personal mission is to promote and use the unique capabilities of hypnosis to help people bring about lasting positive change in their body and mind. To help mobilize the natural resources that people have in them. She says: “The power of hypnosis, I see proven time and again in the positive changes in my clients. “

At the age of 12 yoga came into her life. Because of this she became very passionate about the mind-body relation. She studied psychology, pedagogy and Dutch law and postgraduate she continued her education in energetic psychology, neuro emotional integration, hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and mind-body medicine.

At this moment, she is working at her PhD research about medical hypnosis and hypnotherapy at Maastricht University and she is also teaching about mind-body relation.

Her mission is to bring the latest scientific discoveries in neuroscience, integrative medicine, quantum physics and mind-body-heart relation to the people in order to teach them the way to empower themselves and to create their truly desired life.

He holds a double masters degree in M.Sc. (Hons) Physics with major in theoretical physics and an M.E. Microelectronics. He has over six years of experience working as a Research Engineer IC designer for systems on chips used in hard disk drives and solid state drives at the Semiconductor Solutions Division of Broadcom Limited. During this time he gained five US patents filed in the field of DFT-ASIC Design.  As far as theoretical physics is concerned, he studied and did research projects in the areas of quantum computation, gravity in extra dimensions, topological quantum field theory, mirror symmetry, the standard model of particle physics,  and non-commutative geometry. Currently, he is researching on the relation between Khovanov homology and gravity lagrangian using Gromov-Witten invariants. His patents and research assignments are available on He also started Riyaaz B.V, a company in Amsterdam which is developing future e-learning content using artificial intelligence and semantic web architecture which will revolutionize the global education sector.