OMNI Hypnosis Basic Training

Training at location

This is a practical professional training and therefore can take place at location.

OMNI hypnosis training (basic & advanced ).

The OMNI Hypnotherapy training is known as one of the most complete hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses worldwide and leads you to become an OMNI hypnotherapist.

ISO 9001 Certified

This training is highly regarded and is followed by more than 1000 students a year worldwide. The teaching material (curriculum) is the same throughout the world. The training and the taught hypnotherapy process are both ISO 9001 certified.


The techniques to bring in hypnosis are evidence-based. Because of the simplicity and repeatability of the hypnotherapy process, the OMNI methods and techniques are used for extensive scientific research into the state hypnosis by the University of Zurich, one of the most prominent universities in the world.

Information on the OMNI Hypnosis Training (Basic & Advanced)

The training consists of 7 days in total. The first 4 days are the basic part of the course and the last 3 days will be the advanced part of the course.

During the basic part of the training you will learn in a profound way the skills to bring someone into hypnosis, to deepen the state of hypnosis and to test at what level of hypnosis the person is.

You will also learn what hypnosis is and how it works. During this training you will gain insight into the how and why of hypnosis. Knowing what you are doing and how to do it will enable you to start working with clients quickly, skillfully and confidentaliy. You will learn the basic rules of hypnosis and how they are linked to scientific research.

During the advanced part of the training you will learn the techniques to detect and solve deep-laying causes of problems. You will learn how to work with the help of regression therapy, universal therapy, Inner Child Work, Chair therapy (forgiveness), Ultra Height® hypnosis, gray Chamber technique.

In addition, after the full training you will know how to start your own practice, you get an overview of marketing techniques to attract clients, you get methods provided to streamline your practice organizatically. You will learn the skills to set up the conversation in such a way that you can help the client as efficiently and effectively as possible. You will learn how to optimally enable your practice. You get to know the workings of the human spirit from the perspective hypnosis which contributes to increasing your emotional intelligence.


Hypnosis has a very broad field of work and is applicable to almost all social areas such as health care, education, sport and much more. 

OMNI Hypnotherapists worldwide work with issues such as fears and phobias, diabetes, anorexia, bulimia, burnout, i.e. insomnia, bedwetting/enuresis, nail-biting, PDS Baredarm syndrome, PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, pain relief, teeth grinding/bruxism, allergies, migraines and headaches, auxiliary techniques at anchor, AS and other challenging problems, fertility problems/fertility, addictions, forensic hypnosis, improve blood pressure, Speech problems/stuttering, regression to previous lives, metaphysical hypnosis, etional stress, depression, nervous tics and restraints, alcohol addiction, palliative Care Hypnosis.


Content of the training

  • What is Hypnosis
  • Vocabulary of the Hypnotherapist
  • How Hypnosis Works
  • History of Hypnosis
  • How to bring someone into hypnosis (induction methods)
  • How to prepare your client (for discussion)
  • Dave Elman Induction
  • Classical and alternative induction methods
  • Dealing with the critical factor
  • Definition of hypnosis and explanation of the Gerald Kein mind Model
  • What is hypnosis not
  • Wake Hypnosis
  • Depths of Hypnosis
  • What are important parts of a hypnosis session?
  • How to structure a hypnosis session for maximum results
  • The four mental attitudes of the client
  • Misconceptions around hypnosis and how to get there
  • Precautions of a hypnotherapist
  • Testing and determination of suggestibility
  • Testing and determination of the state of hypnosis
  • Coping with resistance and anxiety
  • The role of normal consciousness
  • The role of the subconscious mind
  • The role of autonomous consciousness
  • The seven rules for a successful transformation
  • Hypnosis with Children (introduction)
  • Non-Verbal inductions
  • Deepening Techniques of Hypnosis
  • How to develop your report with your client
  • What depths of hypnosis are there and how you can measure it
  • How to organise a practice
  • What marketing opportunities are there to get clients
  • Overview of different therapy techniques
  • Regression therapy, how it works, when it is applied, example session
  • Live demonstrations and self-practice
  • Why should everyone learn Hypnosis
  • Learn self-hypnosis for yourself and how you can teach it to clients
  • How do you work with clients who come to quit smoking or lose weight, stress and even more
  • How to start your own practice
  • How to organize your practice effectively and efficiently
  • Rights and duties of the hypnotherapist
  • Contrainductions of hypnosis and safety measures
  • Trance-Management
  • Flow-Chart of a hypnosis session ((The OMNI Hypnosis therapy process is ISO 9001 certified)
  • How can you work with groups such as stress management and quit smoking
  • Practicing in practice
  • Special Hypnosis videos screened only at OMNI Hypnosis Training Centers
  • Live demonstrations of the various techniques.
  • Gerald Keins ‘ Universal therapy ‘
  • Inner Child Therapy
  • Regression to a previous life
  • Gestalt Hypnotherapy
  • Solving fears and phobias
  • Pain relief
  • The importance of therapeutic forgiveness
  • Chair Therapy for forgiveness
  • Esdaile State – Deep Hypnosis for pain relief
  • Stems, evoking emotion to solve deep-seated problems
  • The Grey Chamber technique for elimination of problems
  • Hypnotic seal, what is it and how can you remove it
  • Ultra Height Hypnosis, advanced metaphysical Hypnosis
  • Parts Therapy-(extra morning after training)
  • An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)-(extra morning after training)

What do you get

  • 7 days classroom training (in combination with the OMNI hypnosis basic training)
  • Certificate OMNI hypnotherapist
  • Free access to the Omni Finder ‘s global database with Omni hypnotherapists.
  • Possibility of joining the National Guild of Hypnotists
  • You learn client centered, result oriented hypnosis
  • Access to the Global OMNI Forum, a database with more than 20,000 posts about the application of hypnotherapy
  • The right to use the OMNI logo
  • Affiliation with various professional associations.

During the training

  • OMNI training material in the English language
  • The book “Hypnotherapy” by Dave Elman (is presented during the OMNI Hypnosis training).
  • Gerald Kein Script Book (hypnotherapy) in the English language (is presented during the OMNI Hypnosis training)
  • During the training days coffee, tea is included
  • Video Lessons from Gerald Kein
  • Video material is in the English language
  • At day 6 of the training there will be an examination. There is one option for re-examination in case the first examination fails. 

OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training English language

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Seven day training

English language

Alternative dates:
11 - 17 September 2021

09.00-17.00/18.00 o'clock


Teachter: Ayla Oostrom

More information

For whom

  • This training is suitable for both the novice and the Advanced hypnotherapist.
  • No prior knowledge of hypnosis is needed.
  • The OMNI Hypnosis training teaches you the direct hypnosis suggestion techniques based on the techniques of Dave Elman. These techniques have been supplemented and refined by the founder of OMNI Gerald Kein.
  • This training is suitable as a basis for working with numerous complaints such as weight loss, smoking cessation, pain relief, anxiety control and much more. If you want to get started with hypno analysis, i.e. searching for the root cause of deeper problems and solving it instead of working with symptom control, you can switch to it without having to follow the four-day hypnosis training Transitioning to the last four days of OMNI hypnotherapy training.
  • Other occupational groups can learn techniques that complement their work, such as coaches, HRM Manager, teachers, managers.


  • After the OMNI hypnosis training you can bring people into hypnosis, you know how to deepen the state of hypnosis, you know how to test the state of hypnosis and you can work with powerful direct hypnosis techniques for quitting smoking, losing weight, stress Management, sports enhancement, bed wetting, insomnia, anxiety, increasing self-confidence, focus and concentration, sexual problems, creativity, working with stress complaints and much more.
  • In addition, you know how to start your own practice, you get an overview of marketing techniques to attract clients, you get methods provided to streamline your practice.
  • You will learn the skills to set up the conversation in such a way that you can help the client as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • You will learn how to optimally enable your practice.
  • You get to know the workings of the human spirit from the perspective hypnosis which contributes to increasing your emotional intelligence.
  • In addition, you know how to start your own practice, you get an overview of marketing techniques to attract clients, you get methods provided to streamline your practice.


We frequently get the question of dispensation for this training of all other trained hypnotherapists. This question is understandable.

However, there are a number of reasons why OMNI Hypnosis Training Center has decided not to give an dispensation. In order to comply with the ISO 9001 certification, the training should be carried out in the manner determined by OMNI Hypnosis Training Center in Switzerland, we have no understanding of the quality of other training courses, in addition, the content of content of the Hypnosis Training (Basic) fully aligned with the Hypnotherapieopleding (Advanced).

We have many registrations from people who have followed another hypnosis training elsewhere and are looking to deepen the knowledge that after the training indicate that they have started with this basic training.

Time Investment

This training involves a total of at least 56 classroom hours as well as at least 25 hours homestudy. 

Cost of training

  • Total cost of the training is Eur 2690. Payment upon registration.


  • This is a classroom training programme (up to a maximum of 20 people).
  • Minimum number of participants 4. Please check prior to making your hotel and travel arrangements if we have enough sign-ups for the training. 
  • Coffee, tea, water are included.
  • This is a higher professional education programme.
  • The training material is provided in the English language
  • You will receive the book Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman (in English).
  • Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the OMNI Hypnotherapist diploma
  • You will receive a certificate from the International Board of Hypnosis Education and Certification (IBHEC) that is valid for one year.
  • Support includes membership of the worldwide exclusive OMNI forum where you can ask questions about hypnosis.
  • Free participation in the OMNI finder
  • When providing the training material, you will be asked to sign a copyright statement that the intellectual property of the training material belongs to OMNI Hypnosis Training Center.
  • It is not permitted to make photographs, videos or audio recordings during the training.
  • In order to receive the certificate you need to actively participate the full seven days of the training and pass a written examination on day 6 of the training.
  • Furthermore our General Terms and Conditions are applicable.