STAP training registration form

Frequently Asked Questions

You can check whether you qualify for the subsidy via this website .

A subsidy budget is made available every two months. If the budget for a certain period has been spent in full, you have to wait until the next period to apply for the subsidy.

The subsidy applies for the period up to 3 months after the relevant period in which you applied for the subsidy. You must start training within that period. Make sure you apply for the grant within the correct time frame.

After you have registered with us, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. A PDF registration receipt is enclosed with this email. You need this PDF to register for the subsidy at the UWV

You can then try to apply for the subsidy again in the next period that relates to the moment the training is given again.

No, the subsidy only applies to new applications and courses for which you have not yet started.

This means that you must actively participate in the training and obtain the certificate or diploma.

In the event of illness or force majeure, we recommend that you contact the UWV as soon as possible. If you do not participate in the training without notifying the UWV, the costs of the training can be reclaimed from you.

If the training costs more than the subsidy received, you will receive an invoice from us for the additional amount after the subsidy has been awarded. This amount must be transferred to us prior to the training.

Register now for a training via the STAP budget subsidy scheme

Below you can see the possibilities to apply for a training course or a combination of training courses through the STAP budget. The government needs about 3 – 4 weeks to approve all applications. Hence, training can only start four weeks after the 1st day of the application period. See for an overview of the application periods this page.

Our training is included in the Governmental training register , which means that a subsidy of up to € 1000 is possible for a training. Sign up below now.

The procedure for eligibility for a grant is as follows:

  1. Register now for one of our courses using the form below. We will then prepare a PDF registration certificate. You need this proof of registration to be able to register for the subsidy at STAP-UWV at the right time.
  2. Check what the correct application period is to apply for the subsidy. You will find an overview of the time slots on the left in the frequently asked questions. In the meantime, make sure you apply for a DigiD to register with STAP, because otherwise you will not be able to gain access.
  3. Register and log in to STAP-UWV as early as possible on the first day of the registration period. Experience has shown that in the previous period the budget was exhausted within a day and a half.
  4. You will be asked to upload the PDF registration certificate that you receive from us, fill in all the requested information, select the correct training and then apply for the subsidy.
  5. Then let us know whether the subsidy has been awarded or rejected.