Havening Techniques® introduction

Find out via the online webinar why the Havening Techniques® are on the rise and how they can be used with fear, anxiety, depression, burn-out, trauma, chronic pain and so much more.

Havening Techniques March 2023 posterThe Havening techniques are of enormous interest to psychologists and therapists because of the powerful and fast way in which they work for Anxiety Based Disorders, Addictions & Creating Resilience.

Do you want to get to know these beautiful techniques you can now sign-up for free online introduction into the Havening Techniques®.

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  • The Havening Techniques Training is accredited. For more information check this page.


The next introduction webinar on Havening Techniques® is on 5th October at 7 p.m. (Amsterdam time)

For whom

  • This introduction is aimed at hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, EFT/TFT/EMDR practitioners, mental health therapists, counselors, first in, teachers, coaches and medical professionals.
  • This introduction can be taken without prior hypnosis training.


Portret Stephen Travers This is a free introduction to the Havening Techniques 

Stephen Travers
Director of UK & International Havening


What you get

  • The neurobiology of Havening Touch
  • How Havening resolves anxiety based disorders, trauma & addictions
  • Live Self-Havening demo
  • Post-Havening outcomes & results
  • Group demo on how to use Havening on anxiety & stress
  • How to become a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

Time commitment

This introduction takes 1,5 hours.


  • You will learn about the powerful Havening Techniques®
  • You will experience the techniques yourself.
  • You will understand why the Havening Touch is so powerful
  • You will see how powerful the Havening Techniques ® can work on a severe war trauma


  • The neurobiology of Havening Touch
  • How Havening resolves anxiety based disorders, trauma & addictions
  • Group demo on how to use Havening on anxiety & stress
  • Live Self-Havening demo
  • Post-Havening outcomes & results
  • How to become a Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner


  • Access to this introduction to the Havening Techniques is free.





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  • The spoken language is English
  • After access to the material you can no longer cancel the purchase
  •  General conditions of HypnosisMentor apply to this course.


More information

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  • What can Havening do?

  • Work with amygdala-based disorders, including panic attacks, phobias, and PTSD.
  • To stop and reverse the long-term psychological and physiological effect of negative childhood experiences.
  • Erase the emotional and psychological residue left by traumatic experiences.
  • Remove inner barriers.
  • Improve performance in sports, business, and the creative and performing arts.
  • Build real-time resilience.
  • Reduce the impact of chronic negative stress.
  • Reduce emotional response while broadening and building the capacity to respond and adapt to challenge and change.
  • Relieve emotional problems in the moment.



In March 2020, I was part of the first group trained in the Havening Technique by Stephen in the Netherlands. He is an excellent teacher and obviously a skillful and experienced therapist. Stephen is easily approachable and includes sufficient time for Q&As. Since then, I use Havening with my clients with amazing results, even online. I highly recommend his training’s and am grateful to Stephen and the organising team for bringing this powerful tool to the Netherlands.
Rianne Hekking- Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Child Therapist

Stephen is a great trainer, makes the science bit easy to understand and instills you with confidence
Margaret Smyth
Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master &Yoga Teacher.

Great live demonstrations, plenty of hands on supervised practice sessions and an in depth journey into the science of this fascinating technique.
Would highly recommend Stephen Travers. He is a professional and knowledgeable presenter, teacher and practitioner.
Patrick Lehane
Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy, The Bowen Technique, Cranial therapy, Emotion Freedom Technique Practitioner

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