Carcinos hypnosis with stress and illness

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About Course

People who are diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness face not only the physical consequences of the disease, but also its emotional impact. In this online training you will learn techniques to support your clients with special hypnosis techniques and a number of scripts. The word CARCINOS represents the words: Cancer, Anger, Relief, Control, Immune system, No harm, Opinion, Self-hypnosis. We will discuss concepts such as DNA, changing DNA through intention, the Light Shield of Protection, Using the energy vortex for regression, how to protect the inner child from within the womb.

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Course Content

An introduction to the online training Carcinos

  • Introduction
  • Topics and remarks
  • Recommended literature
  • How Carcinos came about

Carcinos basic concepts

Power of thought
This module is about the power of thought and influence on body and DNA

Mind body relation
In this module we go deeper into the mind body relation

Ilnesses and stress
In this module the influence of stress on illnesses is discussed which can serve as a point of intervention during hypnotherapy sessions.

Miscelleanous topics
Small topics that deserve attention

Hypnosis techniques
Here an overview of techniques with hypnosis

The light body hypnosis technique
Explanation of the light body hypnosis technique

A beautiful forgiveness technique inspired by Ubuntu

Live session
View here a live recorded session

Building blocks
A script book belongs to the manual of this training. A few recorded audio's can be listened to.

Concluding with H’onoponopno
Concluding this training

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