You can indirectly strengthen your immune system using hypnosis. This article explains the how and why.

Stress suppresses the immune system

Stress suppresses the immune system and stress in turn suppresses the immune system, making us more susceptible to contracting an infection by, for example, a virus. It is important to follow all guidelines and distance social distance. In addition, you can work on relaxation and de-stressing yourself.

Hypnosis Community

On the Hypnosis Community we offer numerous self-hypnosis relaxation audios. Sign up for a free membership. That membership is free and remains free. Under Resources you will find a link to the free self-hypnosis audios.


There are plenty of initials to support people. One is the newly launched website is a free audio to listen to to boost your immune system and work vigorously in this special time. Soon there will also be the Dutch version.

There is no need for a hammer

On the Hypnosis Community you can listen to an audio recorded in Dutch that is helpful for support for people who have contracted a viral infection. The title of the audio is: A hammer is not needed. Please note that you must be logged in to open the link. This audio was developed by Dr. Frederic Mau and he says:

We know that stress reduces the immune response. A response to COVID-19 might be to try to strengthen the immune response, but if the problem is really a cytokinestorm (in a simplified sense, too much immune response), then it may be useful to encourage the body to respond in a more appropriate, balanced way.



For everything stay healthy and safe and help each other through this time to come through this time in a responsible way.

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