Carcinos hypnosis with stress and illness


People who are diagnosed with cancer or another serious illness face not only the physical consequences of the disease, but also its emotional impact. In this online training you will learn techniques to support your clients with special hypnosis techniques and a number of scripts. The word CARCINOS represents the words: Cancer, Anger, Relief, Control, Immune system, No harm, Opinion, Self-hypnosis. We will discuss concepts such as DNA, changing DNA through intention, the Light Shield of Protection, Using the energy vortex for regression, how to protect the inner child from within the womb.




You can directly sign-up for this training via the following link.

Diversity of subjects

This course covers a diversity of topics. First, the concepts of health and healing are examined. These are examined from a number of angles. We also look at them from a spiritual approach.

A connection is made between hypnosis and quantum physics. The role of DNA is approached from a completely different angle and research is discussed that shows that DNA can be influenced by words and thoughts.

Supporting techniques in cancer

An important part of the course is about hypnosis support techniques for cancer. Topics include self-hypnosis in cancer, removing the influence of toxic words, scripts for support and much more. Emotional support and techniques to reduce immune system stress are explored.

  • Light sphere regression technique
  • This course discusses the light shield regression technique. A more spiritual form of a regression technique.
  • Support with hypnosis for other diseases

This training will look at what the special concerns may be about applying hypnosis to other illnesses and problems:

  • Phybromyalgia
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility
  • Chronic stress

For whom

  • This course is aimed at those who have already completed a course in hypnosis and wish to further explore techniques for using hypnosis to support people with cancer or other serious illnesses.
  • This training is given at a college level.
  • Knowledge of regression techniques is strongly recommended.

What you get

  • This training is about 16 hours.
  • Training manual in the English language will be send by post
  • Certificate of completion
  • Video’s with explanation
  • References to scientific research
  • Reference video’s
  • Script book included in the manual


  • After this course you will know how to responsibly support people with cancer or other serious illnesses.
  • You will learn how to support people regarding emotional problems, pain and other complaints using hypnosis techniques you already know with additional new techniques.
  • You will learn how to work with a powerful inner child technique
  • You will learn a technique of forgiveness based on the philosophy of Ubuntu (Forgiveness after the apartheid regime in South Africa)
  • You will learn the light shield of protection


  • What is health and what is illness
  • The power of intention
  • DNA and how intention can change DNA
  • Energy and an introduction into chakra’s
  • How to influence chakra’s with hypnosis
  • The relation between quantum physics and hypnosis
  • What is cancer and how can you support people with it
  • Basic concepts of hypnotherapy in relation to quantum physics
  • Dealing with cancer and emotions
  • Dealing with emotions
  • How hypnosis can help strengthen the immune system
  • Hypnosis techniques for cancer such as pain management, detoxifying the mind, nourishing the spirit
  • The light body hypnosis technique for working with the inner child, regression technique and life between life technique.
  • Theme Lesson: Phybromyalgia, Diabetes, Infertility, MUPS, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer


  • This is an online training, for which you get a two year access.
  • Your personal information is shared with the instructor.
  • After given access to the training material the training cannot be cancelled.
  • For a full overview see our general terms.