HypnoCell® hypnosis training

Learn how to work with hypnosis on the cell- and DNA level to support improving health

In this hypnosis training, you will learn to work at the cellular level for accelerated recovery and slowing the aging process at the telomere level.
In this two-day intensive training you will become a HypnoCell® specialist. You will learn everything you need to know to help patients recover faster from injuries and surgeries and how to apply this knowledge as a supportive technique in cancer, tumors and autoimmune diseases. Body, head and subconscious become a powerful team using every lever to optimize the recovery process.

Optional HypnoCell® Advanced

Optional sign up for an additional day where additional topics are covered.


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  • The next two-day HypnoCell® training will take place on May 15 and 16 2023
  • The next one-day HypnoCell® advanced will take place on May 17, 2023.

The training is from 09.00 – 18.00/19.00 hours

For whom

  • This course is aimed at those who have already completed a course in hypnosis and wish to further explore techniques in illness and recovery at the cellular and DNA level.
  • Deze hypnose opleiding wordt gegeven at higher educational level
  • For a number of techniques, knowledge of regression techniques is recommended.


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Travel and accommodation
You can find all relevant information here.

Erich Walker

The training is in the English language. You can receive a manual in the Dutch or English language.

What you get

  • The basic training includes two training days
  • The advanced training includes one training day
  • The course is taught in the English language. The training manual in the Dutch language
  • Certificate of Participation

Time commitment

  • This course involves a total of 16 instructor contact hours (2 days classroom) as well as a minimum of 10 hours of self-study for the basic course.
  • For the advanced course, this involves a total of 8 instructor contact hours and 8 hours
  • Total for the entire HypnoCell® training: Study load 42 hours/1.5 ECs.


  • After this course, you will know how to use knowledge about cells during hypnosis.
  • After this training you will know how to work with hypnosis on a DNA level
  • Can you contribute at the hypnosis level to the proper alignment of the body.
  • Know how to work with hypnosis at the telomere level.
  • Can you use HypnoCell® versatile for mental and physical problems


  • How cells work, the language of cells
  • Reorganization of the body
  • Unleashing the power of DNA
  • Recover faster
  • Immuno-Boost® strengthening of the immune system
  • Increase and accelerate recovery in the body so that the body, soul and spirit become an unbeatable team.
  • Influence the aging process down to the cellular and metabolic level.
  • Stress management down to the cell nucleus and down to the DNA and telomere levels.
  • Working with injuries to bones, ligaments and tendons
  • During surgeries: How to activate self-healing powers before surgery.
  • Problems with scars (including old ones)
  • Burn-out en exhaustion
  • Reducing side effects of drugs, for example, during chemotherapy
  • Performance enhancement in sports (especially increase in endurance)

Contents HypnoCell® advanced

  • Improving sports performance – strengthening strength in the muscles
  • Working with fat cells
  • Sleep problems
  • Working with autoimmune disease and allergy from the cellular perspective
  • Working with skin problems


  • The total costs for the HypnoCell® basic training are € 772,-.
  • The total costs for the HypnoCell® basic and advanced training are € 1069,-
  • The total costs for the HypnoCell® advanced training are € 297,-
  • After registration you will receive an invoice for the total costs with a payment term of 14 days.
  • This training is exempt from VAT.

Participants HypnoCell training


  • HypnoseMentor can decide to cancel in case of less than ten participants. HypnoseMentor cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by the participant themselves in the context of the training such as travel and accommodation costs.
  • The enrollment and training information will be shared with the instructor and OMNI Hypnosis Training Center®.
  • You will be asked to sign a copyright statement regarding the intellectual property of the training materials when you receive the training materials.
  • On this training the NRTO general terms are applicable.

More information

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Erich Walker has been on the road for 40 years as a world champion athlete, coach, therapist and course leader.
HypnoCell® is based on scientific know-how and years of experience in bodywork and movement therapy.

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