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During this online meeting you can find out if hypnosis is an interesting profession for you. You learn what hypnosis is, how hypnosis works, and what you can do with it.

Are you interested in a hypnosis or hypnotherapy course? If you want to know more about what a hypnosis course or hypnotherapy training can do to add value to your current profession as a coach, Human Resource Manager, doctor, dentist or nurse, this free morning will provide you with all the information you need.

Now you can check out the value of hypnosis and hypnotherapy from the comfort of an online webinar!

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For whom

For anyone wishing to explore the field of hypnosis from a personal interest or because of orientation to a new profession or to complement an existing profession.


Portret photo Ayla OostromThis is an online event

Ayla Oostrom

What you get

  • Explanation of what hypnosis is
  • Overview of training options

Time commitment

The discovery morning takes two hours of your time.


After this morning you know what hypnosis is, how it works and what you can do with it. Furthermore you know how you can learn it.


  • What is hypnosis
  • The power of words
  • The great importance of de-stressing
  • Misconceptions of hypnosis
  • What is hypnosis and what is hypnosis not
  • Applications of hypnosis
  • Demonstration of hypnosis
  • Why does hypnosis and hypnotherapy work so quickly
  • Why is it possible to become a hypnotherapist in a short time
  • What hypnosis training options are there
  • Can I start my own practice after training The level of training


  • There are no costs to join this meeting

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  • HypnoseMentor can decide to cancel with less than 4 participants. HypnoseMentor cannot be held responsible for costs incurred by the participant themselves in the context of the information morning such as travel and accommodation costs.
  • You can cancel the information morning within 14 days, in which case you will be refunded the full amount.
  • The General Terms and Conditions of HypnoseMentor apply to this information morning.

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