Curious what the Havening Techniques® is all about? Why is this form of therapy rapidly conquering the world? Why this technique is used by Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey to get rid of stress?

Introduction to the Havening Techniques®

During this online meeting you will receive an introduction to the Havening Techniques for treating anxiety disorders, addictions and creating resilience. The subjects are:

  • How to solve anxiety disorders, trauma and addictions with Havening.
  • Live Self-Havening Demo
  • The Neurobiology of the Havening Touch
  • What are the results and outcomes of a Havening session
  • How to become a certified Havening Techniqus® Practitioner

This introduction is for therapists in general, psychologists, psychotherapists, NLP practitioners, EFT practitioners, coaches, holistic therapists and hypnotherapists.

Details of the online introductory meeting

Date: May 6, 2021
Time: from 7:00 – 8:30 PM CEST time
Place: Online meeting via Zoom
Price: € 17–

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Biography- Stephen Travers

Stephen Travers is the Director of UK and International Havening.
He trains therapists around the world in the use of Havening to achieve remarkable and extraordinary results for themselves and their clients. He has been featured and interviewed on mainstream television, national newspapers and social media.



He is an excellent teacher and clearly a skilled and experienced therapist.
Stephen is easily approachable and has plenty of time for questions and answers. Since then, I have been using Havening with my clients with amazing results, even online. I heartily recommend his training courses and I am grateful to Stephen and the organizing team for bringing this powerful instrument to the Netherlands.

Rianne Hekking

Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Child Therapist

Great training from a great teacher!
It was very inspiring to learn The Havening Techniques from an expert like Stephen!

Anneke Dusseljee

Hypnotherapy Trainer, Netherlands

I participated in Stephen’s Havening Techniques training. I enjoyed the training weekend, and after that Stephen has been a great mentor going through my case studies.
I learned a lot from him and his enthusiasm about the Havening Techniques has made me want to learn more about it and become a Havening practitioner myself. Thank you Stephen!

Inez Herrebrugh

Hypnotherapist - psychologist