Accredited training (Higher educational level)

Recognized Hypnosis training

At OMNI Hypnosis Training Center, you are at the right address for a recognized training for hypnosis and hypnotherapy accredited at higher educational level which simultaneously gives access to various professional associations such as the Catcollectief, the BATC and The International SBVH.

Hypnosis training at HBO level

The various accredited courses are recognised on HBO via KTNO.

Specialisation courses at HBO level

  • Hypnokids┬« Hypnosis in children, study duration 24 hours/1 EC.
  • Hypnocell┬« Hypnosis for quick recovery, study duration 24 hrs/1 EC.

ISO 9001 Quality recognition

Since March 2015 OMNI is the first hypnosis training worldwide with the ISO 9001 quality mark. This accreditation is for both the training and the hypnotherapy process.

Various professional associations

THE OMNI-Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy courses are KTNO accredited at higher educational level and EC’s are given for the various courses.


Hypnosis Mentor/OMNI Hypnosis Training Center Netherlands are a vocational training approved by CRBKO and are exempt from VAT for professional trainings.

Requirements for recognition

  • The teachers must have sufficient substantive and didactic qualifications. They must have a minimum of 5 years of practical experience in the field and 3 years of experience as a lecturer.
  • The higher educational level should be elaborated on the basis of at least 2 key competences.
  • The classroom must be adequately equipped.
  • The assessment of participants should be sufficient on average.

The benefits of an OMNI-recognized hypnosis and hypnotherapy training

  • OMNI Hypnosis Training Center exists more than 40 years. This means that you can always get back to the head office in Switzerland, from where the quality of the training and the lecturers is monitored.
  • Our training is aimed at professionals, either as an independent therapist or as an added knowledge of the existing profession.
  • We see in our courses many hypnotherapists who come again to do the training, because they are looking for more depth in the material and well want to understand how hypnosis works. The knowledge and information you have in our training courses has been built up for more than 40 years in practice. In addition, all teachers of OMNI receive training before they can teach the OMNI hypnosis and hypnotherapy training.

Free Information Evening Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Courses

During the whole year you are welcome on one of our free information evenings. You get answers to many questions about hypnosis here. A demonstration is also given. You will also receive information about the various hypnosis and hypnotherapy courses and what you can do with the diplomas obtained.

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