Hypnosis Discovery Evening

Learn more about hypnosis during the Hypnosis Discovery Morning.

Are you interested in hypnosis or hypnotherapy training?

If you want to know more about what a hypnosis course or hypnosis training can mean as an added value in your current profession as a coach, Human Resource Manager, doctor, dentist or nurse, this morning offers all the space to inform you well.

Information morning costs

Costs for participation on an introduction morning are € 30,–


We have a promotion of 50% for the introduction morning so the actual costs are € 15,–.

Information Morning Content

  • What is Hypnosis
  • The power of words
  • The great importance of de-stressing
  • Misconceptions of hypnosis
  • What is hypnosis though and what is hypnosis is not
  • Applications of hypnosis
  • Demonstration of hypnosis
  • Why hypnosis and hypnotherapy work so fast
  • Why is it possible to become a hypnotherapist in a short time
  • What hypnosis training opportunities are there
  • After training I can start my own practice
  • The level of training

Hypnosis Discovery Morning

Saturday 26 June 2021 11.00-13.00 o'clock

Location: Aristo, Teleportboulevard 100, 1043 EJ Amsterdam

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