Certified Havening Techniques®

Practitioner Training

Stephen is a great trainer, makes the science bit easy to understand and instills you with confidence

Margaret Smyth

Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master &Yoga Teacher.

Great live demonstrations, plenty of hands on supervised practice sessions and an in depth journey into the science of this fascinating technique.

 Would highly recommend Stephen Travers. He is a professional and knowledgeable presenter, teacher and practitioner.

Patrick Lehane

Kinesiology, Polarity Therapy, The Bowen Technique, Cranial therapy, Emotion Freedom Technique Practitioner


After paying in full the participant will  get login details to instantly access  and download of the ‘Havening Techniques Training Manual’ & bonus Havening video training.

The participants who attend the March training and subscribe for the certification process,  will also be given the opportunity to be  Havening Facilitators at the future Netherlands training we do ( depending on the number of participants).


Online training

In order to remove uncertainties surrounding the training (including travel to the Netherlands by the instructor), it was decided to teach this course online. We have gained experience with this in November 2020. The online training is very interactive and practicing in the so-called “break-out rooms” is also excellent.

Certified Havening Techniques®
Practitioner Training

Online training

In this unique & ground-breaking training you will discover how to use the Havening Techniques on a wide range of issues from anxiety based disorders, trauma, addiction’s to developing emotional resiliency, health and wellbeing.

Havening are psycho-sensory techniques that use the sensory input of touch, imagination and attention to create rapid, remarkable and lasting results by changing the electrical chemical landscape of the brain.
Attending this training is your step in becoming a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner.

After these 2 days you will be able to immediately use Havening with your clients.

Live class training

The training will be in live class and offers the following:

  • Live demonstrations & practice group sessions.
  • How you can confidently use Havening Techniques with anyone online and achieve the same results as with regular sessions.
  • One-on-one private coaching with Stephen during the certification process afterwards
  • Access to the Facebook Havening Community
  • Direct access to the Havening Primer & bonus video training when you sign up
  • You will learn the easy transition to regular sessions.
  • During this training you will work interactively in small groups under the guidance of a fascilitator.
Visual Havening Training


  • How to use Havening on anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, phobias, chronic pain, somatization disorders & pathological emotions with excellent results within minutes!
  • Live demos and interactive practices sessions
  • Understanding the neurobiology of human touch & how it changes the brain & body.
  • How to consistently produce rapid, lasting & life changing results for your clients.
  • Developing and maintaining emotional resiliency with Havening
  • Self- Havening Techniques for stress control and relaxation.
  • Grow a successful therapy practice using Havening.

What you get

  •  The Havening Technique’s Manual download
  • A bonus video recorded two day Havening training.
  • Access to the private Havening Facebook Worldwide group
  • Ongoing mentorship and support from Stephen Travers, The Director of U.K & International Havening.


  •  Remarkable, rapid & extraordinary results for your clients within minutes!
  • New knowledge, techniques and skills that you can use immediately
  • How to quickly pinpoint and identify the root causes of anxiety based issues and traumas for fast and lasting results
  • Teach your clients how to use Self Havening Techniques for stress control & developing resiliency
  • Understanding how Havening in combination with hypnotherapy & other psychotherapeutic modalities achieves even greater results
  • Build and grow a successful & profitable therapy practice
  • Cover your training investment within your first one to three Havening clients
  • Ongoing mentorship, learning and support


The training is given by Stephen Travers, Head of Europe & UK for Havening.
Training is given in the English language.

Training investment 

2 Day Certified Havening Techniques Training Program is 795 euro 


  • The 2 day training
  • The Havening Manual
  • Bonus 2 Day Havening Video Training
  • Online portal access to all learning materials necessary to completing steps to certification

Becoming certified 

After you do the 2 day training, to become a Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner, it is required to do the following: 
  • 30 short case studies ( for example if you did 3 Havening’s with the same client in one session that would be considered as three case studies
  • Neuroscience multiple choice test
  • 2 video recordings of using Havening
  • You will have Stephen Travers, The Director of U.K & International Havening,  who will guide and support you after the two day training.
  • Investment to become certified € 400
  • You get Membership to the private Facebook Havening Group
  • You get access to the Havening Congress
  • The Certification Program & Evaluation with your mentor Stephen Travers
  • The certification process requires about 30 hours of your time. 


Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner

mensen op handen icoon

Two day training

27 and 28 May 2021

From 09.00 - 17.00/18.00 o'clock

This is an online training

Training in the English language

Manual in the English language

More information

Havening® short overview

  • Breakthrough Mind Body Techniques
  • The latest neuroscience on how anxiety based disorders become encoded in the brain and body
  • Live demos of Havening on anxiety based disorders, trauma and building resilience
  • Group interactive practice sessions
  • Growing a successful therapy practice with Havening

Time Investment

This training has 16 hours of classroom education.

For whom is this training

This training is designed for hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, EFT/TFT/EMDR Practitioners, licensed mental health care workers, counsellors, first responders, educators, coaches and health professionals.

What can Havening do?

  1. Clear amygdala-based disorders, including panic attacks, phobias and PTSD.
  2. Halt and reverse the long-term psychological and physiological impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences.
  3. Clear the emotional and psychological residue left by traumatic experience.
  4. Remove inner blocks to goal achievement.
    Enhance performance in sports, business and the creative and performing arts.
    Build real-time resilience.
  5. Reduce the impact of chronic negative stress.
  6. Reduce emotional reactivity while broadening and building capacity to respond and adapt to challenge and change.
  7. Relieve present-moment emotional discomfort.
  8. Reduce and eliminate the emotional roots of chronic pain.


  • This is an online training
  • Registration does not automatically give the right to participate. Participation is determined in order of entry of the notification. Hypnosis Mentor reserves the right to refuse registration.
  • In case of cancellation by hypnosis Mentor due to force majeure or too few participants (hypnosis Mentor may decide to cancel with less than 10 participants) it is already paid within 14 days refunded. Hypnosis Mentor cannot be held responsible for costs incurred by the participant himself in the course of training such as travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Coffee, tea, water are included. Lunch is not included.
  • The training is in the English language. The training material is presented in the English language
  • Optional you can become Certified Havening Techniques Practitioner.
  • After full payment you cannot cancel the training because access will be given to training and bonus material.
  • When issuing the training material, you will be asked to sign a copyright notice regarding the intellectual property that rests with Havening Techniques®.
  • It is not allowed to take pictures, videos or audio recordings during the training.
  • During the training photos and video recordings may not be taken. These are used a.o. for marketing purposes. If you do not want to take the picture, you will be asked to indicate this upon entering.
  • Furthermore our General Terms and Conditions are applicable.